Bond Behind The Scenes: Nikki Van Der Zyl Interview | Podcast #047

This week we’re joined by an unsung hero of Bond, Nikki Van Der Zyl. As a voice artist she provided the voice of some of the most iconic Bond girls of all time from Honey Ryder (…and yes that is Nikki singing Underneath the Mango Tree), to Shirley Eaton’s Jill Masterson and Thunderball’s Domino. The…

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This Week in James Bond: Dave Bautista, Goldfinger, and the 007 Walk of Fame

Welcome back to “This Week in James Bond”! After more than a month of little to no Bond news, the release of the first SPECTRE theatrical trailer last week was accompanied by a flurry of new Bond developments. How exciting! If you haven’t already, you can watch and listen to Tom’s reaction and analysis of…

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The Allies of Bond (Part 2) | Podcast #046

We’re concluding our coverage of the supporting characters from the world of Bond this week. Last time we covered everyone from Dr. No through to For Your Eyes Only and today we’re completing the set all the way up to Skyfall. We’ll be talking Vijay, Sir Godfrey Tibbet and Saunders through to Sharkey, Jack Wade…

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Dissecting the new SPECTRE theatrical trailer

It is here – the first full-length theatrical trailer for SPECTRE. And your humble correspondent from Station C is here to break it down, frame by glorious frame. (“This Week in James Bond” will return soon, I promise.) I will refer to my earlier post about the SPECTRE TV spot quite often, so give that…

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SPECTRE Special Report: Full Trailer Analysis

Wow…what an amazing trailer! Yes indeed, it’s time for another emergency SPECTRE special report where Tom goes frame by frame through yesterday’s SPECTRE trailer for some in depth analysis. Obviously it goes without saying, if you’re trying to remain spoiler free, don’t listen to this Listen/Watch Below… iTunes: Facebook: Twitter:

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Alternate Universe Bond – The Rough With The Smooth (Part 4)

[Long time JBR listener, Matthew Grice returns with part 4 of his alternate universe Bond series. You can read the previous instalments here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3] The hunt was on again for a fourth actor to play Flemings creation.     James Broady, Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood where considered for the role,…

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The Allies of Bond | Podcast #045

We’re shining a light on some of the supporting characters from the world of Bond this week. We’ll be looking at key players like Quarrel, Kerim Bey, Draco and many more from Dr. No through to For Your Eyes Only today, with Octopussy through to Skyfall coming up next time. Enjoy! Listen/Watch Below… iTunes: Facebook:…

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MI6 Mailbag #1 | Podcast #44

We’re back with the very first MI6 Mailbag episode! This time we’re dedicating a full episode to listener questions, featuring thoughts on a Bond TV series, Idris Elba as Mr. Big, George Lazenby’s Diamonds Are Forever and a whole lot more. Alongside that, we run the usual gauntlet of Bond Trivia, Guess The Quote, Bond…

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A Tribute To Sir Christopher Lee | Podcast #043

In light of his recent passing on June 7th, we thought it was a good moment for James Bond Radio to pay tribute to everyone’s favourite golden gun toting hitman, Christopher Lee. We’ll be taking a look at his unbelievably amazing life…believe us when we tell you, this guy packed more into his first 25…

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Bond Film Locations: A View To A Kill – Amberley Museum

Chris of JBR visits Bond location, Amberley Museum, in the south of England on an A View To A Kill pilgrimage! Witness Zorin Industries minecarts, wet-the-pants excitement upon seeing the mine entrance, access to restricted areas and full blown impressions of Stacey Sutton, Max Zorin and May Day! Enjoy folks! Some pics of the location…

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