Fjord Eyes Only: James Bond in Oslo by Nicholas Knight


Norway- land of fjords and brunost. Home to the Blue Peter Christmas tree, Vikings and the mighty herring, it’s a country that would seem to have little or no connection to the world of James Bond. There’s a-ha, of course, and Julie Ege but that’s about it. The cinematic Bond has never been there and only…

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Talking Strangways | James Bond Radio Podcast #107


This week Chris talks to special guest Rich Zakka. Rich is the grandson of actor Timothy Moxon who you will all know as Commander John Strangways from Dr. No. We hear about his service during World War 2, life during Jamaica’s jet set hey day of the late 50s and of course hear all about…

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Donald Trump Explains Every James Bond Film by Jack Lugo

Trump blofeld Thumpnail

Just a disclaimer:  JBR does not endorse any candidate.  The opinions expressed are my own and should not be attributed to Tom and Chris if you happen to disagree or take offense.  Follow me on Twitter if you like this sort of humor. In Bond fandom, there’s usually a wide array of opinions concerning each and…

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Get your vote in for Round 7 of Bond Girl Battle!


The original Bond girl or the KGB’s finest? An island girl who knows everything in the world up to the letter T or a fellow agent who enjoys shared bodily warmth? A brilliant diver, handy with a knife and deadly with a black widow spider or a Major keen on avenging her loved one and…

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Olympussy: An Unreleased Bond Short Film – a Spoof by Jack Lugo

thumbnail 2

While many fans speculate as to the status and direction of Bond 25, very few are aware of a short film that Eon have decided to put together to commemorate Bond at the Olympics.  JBR was able to get the inside scoop on the project, and I now have the pleasure of giving you all the…

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Octopussy Listener Reviews | Podcast #106


You know what time it is… it’s time to hear your thoughts and feelings on the eighties film that’s wrapped in tentacles… Sir Roger’s penultimate 007 adventure… Octopussy!! Is it the perfect Sunday afternoon Bond or is it a joke too far? Is Sir Rog firing on all cylinders or should he have hung up…

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VARGR Review for Issues 5 & 6 by Jack Lugo

cover photos thumbnail

Warning: This review contains SPOILERS for the final issues of VARGR Apologies for taking so long to finish off this series review of VARGR.  I actually finished reading this compelling series as soon as the last issue arrived, but I didn’t have time to sit down and write a review.  Before I knew it I…

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The Octopussy International Circus Train by Marc Hernandez

Octopussy-DI thumbnail

In September 1982, I was 9 years old when the train scenes in Octopussy were filmed at the Nene Valley Railway (NVR), Peterborough close to where my family lived.  As a result it’s become my favourite Bond film. I have such great memories of growing up with it as a kid, enjoying it ironically as…

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Get your votes in for the next round of Bond Girl Battle!!


A fiery SPECTRE assassin or the daughter of a high-raking member of SPECTRE? A Bond girl who refuses to repent and immediately return to the side of right and virtue or a Bond Girl who has said the immortal words “I love you” to 007? FV: “When the time is right he will be killed.…

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Octopussy Review (Part 2) | Podcast #105


It’s time to get your Octopussy on as JBR reviews part II of Sir Rog’s penultimate 007 adventure! So how does this 80s thriller hold up? Is it all gorilla suits and clown suits or does Bond hold his own against a mad General and a man who might truly be crowned as the Goldenvoiced…

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