The Bond Girls (Part 2) | James Bond Radio Podcast #054

JBR returns this week with Part 2 of our mammoth 3-part Bond Girl coverage. This time we go from The Man With The Golden Gun to Licence To Kill discussing all Bond girls big and small. We also revisit Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall a week on from release. Listen/Watch Below… iTunes: Facebook: Twitter:

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JBR Profile: Warren Ringham – The Man Behind Q The Music Show

Warren Ringham is known to most JBR podcast listeners as the Trumpeter and manager of the James Bond tribute band, Q The Music Show.  The band is set to perform at an exclusive Oct 25th London event hosted by Martijn Mulder, author of On the Tracks of 007, the day before the premiere of SPECTRE.  I…

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SPECTRE: Writing’s on the Wall – Sam Smith Reviewed

It’s a red letter day for Bond fans across the world today with the big reveal of SPECTRE’s title song, Writing’s on the Wall by Sam Smith. The JBR team thought we’d leap into action and record a special emergency podcast dedicated to the new song, with a section by section break down, lyrical discussions…

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The Bond Girls (Part 1) | James Bond Radio Podcast #053

Following on from our recent interviews with Caroline Munro and Martine Beswick, it’s time for James Bond Radio to talk about Bond Girls! We’ll be going right back to Dr. No through to Live & Let Die in today’s podcast talking Honey Ryder to Solitaire with all the Bond girls in between. In addition, the…

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An image that will no doubt sicken Tom Sears

Is it Time to Consider Expanding the James Bond Universe?

With just about every major entertainment brand actively seeking ways to further monetize their respective properties, it rarely comes as a surprise when a spinoff, an expanded universe film, or a related TV series comes to fruition. Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars has heralded a slew of highly anticipated projects for fans of that particular…

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MI6 Mailbag #2: Listener Questions | Podcast #052

It’s time to open the MI6 Mailbag at James Bond Radio. This week we’re answering listener questions including thoughts on The Living Daylights starring Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton in Casino Royale and what Quentin Tarantino’s take on Casino might have been like. Not only that we give an exclusive play to what could possibly be…

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A Guide to Upcoming SPECTRE Merchandise

With SPECTRE only a few weeks away following the release of the trailer and the new posters, I think it’s safe to say that our man 007 is back and he means business.   Let him reign for many more years with Mr Craig donning the dinner jacket.   With the hype of the film gaining…

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shark vs croc

Shark v Croc: The Ultimate Non-human Bond Celebrity Death Match

From Physics to….Biology Shark v Croc: The Ultimate Non-human Bond Celebrity Death Match Oh dear. My mind clearly needs better things to do. Tom’s idle musing in Moonraker Pt The 2nd about which would win in a fight, a shark or an alligator, set me thinking. My first port of call was a cool illustration…

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James Bond Radio in Paris

Welcome to the latest episode of James Bond Radio on location! Following his epic cycle from London to Paris, Chris only had a few hours in which to cram in as many locations as possible before his return leg! We hope you enjoy it!

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Bond Girls: Caroline Munro & Martine Beswick Interview |Podcast #051

It’s a red letter day at James Bond Radio. We have our very first Bond girls on the show! First up we have The Spy Who Loved Me’s Caroline Munro regaling us with stories of working with Sir Roger Moore, Richard Kiel and Lewis Gilbert. Then we talk to two time Bond girl, Martine Beswick…

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