Ideas for an Expanded Bond Universe by Logan Morford

A while back ago we explored some potential ideas for a Bond expanded universe with an article by Jack Lugo. It may be worthwhile to revisit the topic today now that the franchise is looking to move forward after the release of SPECTRE.  Logan Morford was kind enough to offer some of his ideas about…

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MI6 Mailbag #3 | Podcast #099

This week we’re answering listener questions, with subjects including: Our 3 most under-rated Bond films, potential future Bond girls, Bond actors swapping films, the potential darker side of Brosnan’s Bond, how to introduce your mrs to Bond…and a question about Bond girls that’s far too inappropriate to reproduce in text. In addition, we hear all…

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May He Rest in Peace: Guy Hamilton Passes Away at Age 93

Bond fans all over the world were saddened to learn of the death of Guy Hamilton on April 21st 2016.  Hamilton directed 4 Bond films including the iconic Goldfinger (1964) along with Diamonds are Forever (1971), Live and Let Die (1973), and The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). “In a statement, Bond producers Barbara…

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Time to get your questions in for the upcoming MI6 Mailbag episode!

Dear Listeners, Is there anything about Bond that you’ve been itching to get off your chest? Perhaps there’s something about 007 that’s left you scratching your head or something you noticed that no one else has? Do you have a question about Bond that can start a lively debate or get the creative juices flowing? If…

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Alan Tomkins Interview | Podcast #098

[Interview begins at: 28:15] This week we’d like to welcome Alan Tomkins to the show. An art department legend, his contribution to the Bond series stretches from Dr. No all the way to Casino Royale. If that wasn’t enough for you, his film credits include The Empire Strikes Back, Saving Private Ryan, Batman Begins and…

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For Your Eyes Only Listener Takeover | Podcast #097

It’s time to let the people speak once again! After the success of our listener 90 second review episode during the 30 days of SPECTRE, we thought we’d start a new tradition off at JBR with a listener takeover for every one of our film reviews. In addition to the listener reviews we also discuss…

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Bonus Round of James Bond Celebrity Death Match!!

Following our bonus round of James Bond Celebratory Death Match, who do you think would win in a battle of strength/hand-to-hand combat between Red Grant and Necros? Watches with garrote wire and Walkmans with strong headphone cords are allowed but no guns, bombs or exploding milk bottles this time around!! Tough, tough match!! To cast…

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How Stephen King’s JFK Novel Echoes Fleming’s Least Known Bond Novel by Jack Lugo

Proof that Bond follows me everywhere: I decided to take a little break from reading all things Bond so a while ago I began reading Stephen King’s time travel novel 11/22/63 about a school teacher who ends up going through a portal that takes him to 1958. I wanted to read the book before watching…

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Ken Adam

A Ken Adam Tribute by Matthew Grice

The death of Sir ken Adam is a great loss throughout Bond fandom as well as within the film world.  It can easily be said that he alongside Terence Young, Maurice Binder and John Barry were most responsible for the many of the iconic staples we’ve come to expect from the Bond film franchise. Terence Young…

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Don’t forget to leave your 90 second For Your Eyes Only review!!!

Dear JBR listeners, Following our 90 second listener reviews of SPECTRE, we’re going to be doing the same for our latest reviewed film, For Your Eyes Only. Whether you’re a lover, a hater, or somewhere in between, we know you want your say and we’d love to hear what are your favourite scenes, what scenes…

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