Seeing Double: An Interview with Two Professional James Bond Lookalikes – Part Two by Matthew Chernov


Whether pretending to be a renowned genealogist in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service or a notorious Cuban Colonel in Octopussy, James Bond has impersonated many people throughout the 007 film series. In the real world, however, it takes more than a dubbed voice and a fake mustache to successfully imitate someone. Last week, I spoke…

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Octopussy Review (Part 1) | Podcast #104


Hey hey! It’s time for us to talk about one of the most divisive Bond films in the series. While many Bond fans deride the film due to clown suits and tarzan screams, others bask in it’s high adventure. So no matter where you land in the spectrum, be sure to put your feet up,…

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Heads You Die Review by Jack Lugo

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  Heads You Die is the 7th novel in the Young Bond series and the second book written by Steve Cole after Charlie Higson’s monumental first five novels in the series.  This book picks up right after Cole’s last offering, Shoot to Kill, where Bond thwarted a dangerous Hollywood blackmail scheme. James (about 14 or 15)…

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Seeing Double: An Interview with Two Professional James Bond Impersonators – Part One by Matthew Chernov


Lookalikes are a familiar sight to most fans of 007. From the latex-masked Bond imposter who dies at the hands of Red Grant in the pre-title sequence of From Russia with Love, to the surgically-enhanced doppelgängers employed by Blofeld in Diamonds are Forever (not to mention the animatronic replica of Baron Samedi in Live and…

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The John Barry Sound | Bonus Podcast


James Bond Radio is back…just not quite how you probably expected. Sadly, due to scheduling issues we’ve had to delay our Octopussy review until next week. Boo! However, not to leave you in the lurch, we’ve cooked up a little bonus mini-episode for you thanks to special guest Warren Ringham. Following on from our previous…

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The Bond Songs Uncovered with Warren Ringham | Podcast #103


This week we’re concluding our James Bond theme songs coverage with the help of seasoned Bond music professional; Warren Ringham. As the band leader of the super popular Bond tribute show Q The Music, Warren has a very close relationship with the songs of Bond. Having performed them night after night for years his insight…

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Bond Songs That Never Were


About two years ago, our own Tom Sears discussed what he proposed to be the Bond song “Secret Formula” in the following Youtube video: Since the last couple of podcasts have taken a close look at all the official Bond themes, I thought now might be an appropriate time to revisit the notion of what…

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The James Bond Theme Songs [Part 2] | Podcast #102


It’s time to conclude our coverage of the theme songs of Bond. This week we’ll be going from Octopussy’s All Time High all the way through to SPECTRE’s Writings on the Wall. Also we talk Tom’s recent trip to Vegas, The Man With The Golden Typewriter, the latest Bond 25 rumours and a whole lot…

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Bond Girl Battle – Round 3 – Get your votes in!!! :)


BOND GIRL BATTLE – Round 3!! The latest podcast has drawn up another tie in Bond Girl Battle and we need our lovely listeners to vote on whose beauty you admire the most, whose smile makes you weak at the knees, and whose body gives your downstairs region a slight stiffness! **SPOILER if you haven’t…

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Some Kind of Hero: An Interview with Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury


As I’ve noted in my book review of Some Kind of Hero, authors Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury have published what I consider to be the ultimate nonfiction Bond book detailing the history of the franchise from its inception all the way through to the SPECTRE press conference. It’s a book that every Bond fan must own,…

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