Time to get your vote in for James Bond Celebratory Death Match semi final part I

James Bond Radio Celebrity Death Match Semi Final Part I. The mother of all questions… who would win in a battle between Oddjob and Jaws??? Only one vote per person… JBR couldn’t decide on an answer so we need your help to decide for us!! Click on the link below and get your votes in!…

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JBR 2nd Birthday Fancast | Podcast #094

It’s 2016 and James Bond Radio is back with a kiss kiss bang bang! To celebrate, we’ve invited 5 of our listeners onto the show to talk all things Bond. We have Canada’s James Bond Expert, Murray Gillespie. From Essex, we have Roger Moore’s biggest fan, Simon Uskuri. All the way from Florida we have…

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An Appreciation for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Sheila James

Editor’s Intro:  As Tom and Chris have been keen to point out during many of the podcasts, Sheila’s appreciation for George Lazenby and OHMSS knows no bounds.  Her comments on many of the posts over on the Facebook page display an unrivaled enthusiasm for any topic having to do with OHMSS and Lazenby in particular.…

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JBR meetups planned for the 007 Retrospective screenings at the Prince Charles Cinema!

For anyone interested in meeting up with fellow JBR listeners while catching the great man on the big screen, check out our Facebook page where an event has been set up for each screening! We hope to see you there! JBR

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The Rough with the Smooth (part 6) by Matthew Grice

Editor’s Intro: This is the latest edition of Matthew Grice’s epic alternate history of the Bond film franchise and the final one for now until more Bond history unfolds in our reality. Join Matthew as he gives an account of what the Bond universe might have been like if things had unfolded just a little bit differently.…

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My Journey with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service by Logan Morford

Editor’s Intro:  As the 2nd anniversary podcast approaches promising some fun insightful interviews with the JBR fans, it’s fitting that here on the JBR website we take a journey with one of our listeners as he tells us his own story about his relationship with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  Like many other fans, Logan…

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Who Wants To Be On The Show For JBR’s 2nd Birthday?

James Bond Radio is two years old! It’s been another fantastic year for James Bond Radio. We’re almost 100 episodes into a journey that’s taken us to places we never even dreamed of. From interviewing legendary on-screen alumni like Bruce Glover, Caroline Munro and Martine Beswick to being featured in The Times, and TalkSport to getting a shout out…

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Some Kind of Hero – Book Review by Jack Lugo

With its meticulous research into the history of the Bond film franchise and close attention to many of the franchise’s little known details, Some Kind of Hero is the ultimate nonfiction book for Bond fans.  Authors Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury conducted over a hundred interviews with noteworthy participants in the Bond film saga, uncovered…

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JBR meet up with a Bond film to boot… get your votes in!

Quite a few of you have been asking about the next JBR meet up so we thought we’d put it to a vote. The Prince Charles cinema is doing another season of 007 retrospective showing all the Bond films that we know and love… something not to be missed if you haven’t seen them on…

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The Big James Bond Boxing Day Quiz 2015

It’s that time of year again! The presents have been opened, the turkey has been eaten and Santa is finally putting his feet up somewhere warm with Mrs. Claus. What else is there left to do but enjoy a super size portion of Bond, James Bond, during the holiday season? The time has come for…

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