Catching Bullets: Mark O’Connell Interview / Podcast #017

Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond fan author, Mark O’Connell joins us on today’s show to talk about his love for everyone’s favourite spy. Not only is Mark a dedicated Bondophile, he also has an intriguing link to the world of Bond. His grandfather, Jimmy O’Connell, used to work as Cubby Broccoli’s chaffeur, driving the…

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You Only Live Twice Reviewed – Podcast #016

It’s time to review Sean Connery’s penultimate official Bond film, You Only Live Twice, the very first Bond movie to break away from the original story written by Ian Fleming. This film tends to divide opinion amongst the Bond community. Some say it’s way too over the top, others say it’s a stone cold classic.…

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Norman Wanstall Interview – Podcast #015

We meet James Bond royalty on today’s episode of James Bond Radio. We interview Oscar winning sound effects editor; Norman Wanstall. Not only was he there at the birth of the cinematic Bond with his work on Dr. No, he also worked on every single Sean Connery Bond except Diamonds Are Forever and yes, that…

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Never Say Never Again Review – Podcast #014

Today, we conclude our Thunderball coverage with our review of Never Say Never Again. After covering Thunderball itself and our interviews with Robert Sellers and Sylvan Mason, we round it all out with a review of the “other” Bond film. Find out our thoughts on everything from the production value, to the dialogue, to Connery…

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Jack Whittingham’s Thunderball – Podcast #013

With today’s episode we hit the mother load. To follow up our last “Battle for Bond” podcast with author Robert Sellers, we’re interviewing Sylvan Mason, the daughter of snubbed Thunderball screenwriter Jack Whittingham. Words cannot describe how excited we were to actually hear the story first hand from someone who was involved and actually there…

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The Battle For Bond – Podcast #12

On today’s show we interview the author of ‘The Battle for Bond,’ Robert Sellers. We talk all about the Kevin McClory debacle, from what might have happened had Alfred Hitchcock agreed to direct, to the real choices Fleming made for who should play Bond. Discover who came up with the original idea for Thunderball (it…

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Raymond Benson Interview – Podcast #11

On today’s show we talk to James Bond author Raymond Benson. In our first celebrity interview, we hear all about the process behind writing a Bond novel, from the research, to outlining the story. We hear the incredible story behind how Raymond got the job, the amazing travel stories and his friendship with a certain…

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Podcast #10 – Thunderball Review

Thunderball, the second most successful Bond movie of all time, after Skyfall. Today, we go in depth in an epic 2 hour episode, discussing the movie scene by scene. We reveal the long lasting mystery of what a “Thunderball” actually is, what we think about Largo’s henchman Vargas and even the weird multiple cuts of…

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Podcast #9 – Shaken, Not Stirred

In today’s episode, we talk to Hollywood supremo and ‘Shaken, Not Stirred’ author, Aaron Cooley. We talk about his book, his work with director Joel Schumacher and of course, his love of Bond.

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Podcast #8 – The Gadgets of Bond

Today, we’re looking at everybody’s favourite gadgetmaster, Q. We pick our top 15 Bond gadgets, take a look at some real WW2 era spy gadgets and pay tribute to Desmond Llewelyn. We miss Desmond, he had a kind face and a good heart.

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