Moonraker Reviewed (Part 2) | Podcast #050

Well, well, well we reached 50 episodes of James Bond Radio. What better way to celebrate than for us to conclude our review of that most polarizing of Bond films; Moonraker. Along with the Roger action we run the usual gauntlet of Bond Trivia, Guess The Music Q, Complete The Lyric, Guess The Quote and the latest…

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This Week in James Bond: the SPECTRE edition

Welcome back to “This Week in James Bond”! In this installment, we’re talking SPECTRE – and nothing but. Be sure to check out the latest news episode of JBR in which Tom and Chris discussed the news of previous weeks. Here’s the newest poster for SPECTRE, which features not only a white dinner jacket-clad Daniel Craig but also…

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Moonraker: The Pre-Title Sequence Revisited

Moonraker: the pre-title sequence revisited (or Are Chris and Tom talking bollocks as usual?) The Laws of Physics are wonderful things. So are Bond movies. The sad thing is that they don’t always quite line up. And that’s especially true when our heroes, Agents Triple C and Triple T get all speculatory in their very best…

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