30 Days of SPECTRE #021: Bond 25 Speculation

Day 21 of 30 Days of SPECTRE!

Bond 24 is done and dusted, so it’s time to look to the future and immediately obsess over Bond 25. In today’s episode of James Bond Radio we go over several possible theories about what’s in store for everyones favourite secret agent.

Will we see the return of Blofeld? Will Madeleine show up next time? Has Bond retired and not even a spy anymore? We talk it all over on the latest instalment of 30 Days of SPECTRE.

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  • Steve Tyson

    You guys are brilliant! JBR is rad! Your speculations are blowing my mind. To build upon the scenario that Chris described in that first speculation, wouldn’t it be cool for an opening sequence if:
    After the gunbarrel, Bond 25 would open to James and Madeleine romantically driving thought the country, or along the ocean somewhere. They pull over and walk to the edge of cliff that overlooks the sea to have a cute little chat. Suddenly, a menacing dark car approaches from the road. Bond says, “It’s Blofeld!” or “It’s Uberhauser!” A neck brace wearing Hinks is driving and Blofeld is in the back seat aiming a machine gun. Blofeld guns down Madeleine and narrowly misses Bond. The dark car speeds away leaving Bond to grieve over his fallen love, a la Majesty’s. Suddenly, Bond bursts into rage, runs back to the DB5 and gives chase. There’s a chase scene where Bond uses the car’s front machine guns and other gadgets. Finally after a long chase, he takes out Hinks causing the dark car to crash. Bond approaches the wreckage with his ppk drawn to find a mangled but conscious Blofeld. Although bloody and beaten, Blofeld seems calm and in confident. Perhaps he laughs. He speaks to Bond as if he were the one in control and Bond were the one in a dire position. Suddenly, Blofeld’s bleeding, beaten image fades away and transitions to a healthy Blofeld image standing in his torture room, with his dialogue continuing from dream to reality through the transition. Madeleine is still alive, but the situation isn’t looking good for Bond who is still locked into the torture chair. Blofeld begins drilling more holes in Bond’s brain as the opening titles begin.

    What do you think?

    • James Bond Radio

      Absolutely love this idea Steve! I think it’d be such an amazing twist if they went with the idea of Bond still being in the chair. Like Tom mentioned, I doubt it would ever happen but if it did something along those lines would be ace! 🙂

  • Jeff Silence

    Had the exact same thought about Hinx breaking Blofeld out of prison. Plus, I’d totally like to see Shatterhand being used as a title, or at the very least mentioned in one of the next films.

  • fotodog

    I loved SPECTRE as is but really like the dream idea and hope they run with it.
    As far as a guy breaking Blofeld out of jail in the PTS…it would be even better if at the end of PTS it is revealed it is Bond himself doing the breaking out.

  • Careful predicting the plot twists of future films, people! If you get it right, you’ll have just spoilt the film for yourselves (and the listeners) having pre-guessed every possible idea they could ever have used before they’d even written it!!
    Half the fun of any story is not knowing what’s going to happen next, surely.
    I know I don’t have to listen, but I like your podcast!

  • Liederhaus

    The next two movies should be:
    A Signet in Silver or Silver Cygnet- it’s the silver anniversary film so I’d like to see silver in the title.

    Signet refers to the spectre ring and is a homophone for Cygnet which is a small swan.
    Blofeld breakout pre title with Hinx; post titles Bond and Swann happy; Irma Bunt (Rachel Weisz, this’ll help get Danny back) assassinates Several double 0’s and Tanner; Hinx and Bunt after Bond; Bunt kills Swan in a Silvery way; Hinx dies at the end; Blofeld and Bunt escape

    Mash up of You Only Live and Moonraker books

    Great job boys, keep it up!

  • GerardoValero

    I have a very hard time accepting retroactive changes to prior films (even in the case of such wonderful ideas like making all the Daniel Craig era villains a part of Spectre, the organization) thus the concept of starting Bond 25 on the torture chair does not appeal too much to me besides, even if the last third of SPECTRE is indeed the weakest part of the film, I still think it was pretty terrific.
    Having Bond and Madeliene end SPECTRE by riding together into the sunset made for a great ending but I’m afraid the producers have painted themselves into a corner. Starting Bond 25 with Madeliene’s death sounds like the most reasonable thing to do though I’m afraid there have been a bit too many recent revenge Bond films (LTK, Quantum). Still, at this point, I see no other viable option.

    • Damien Vibert

      Same here – with all the continuity efforts and retcon thrown into SP, they cornered themselves into a dilemma between some sort of OHMSS remake and another revenge story for Bond 25 – which would be a step too far into that route.
      If Craig doesn’t return, let’s introduce the new Bond actor – preferably a 6-feet 200-pounder strapping MF à la Connery – waking up from a dream where he resigned from the Service to leave with a blonde. He’d obviously be in bed with another blonde with all the classic Bond elements around the room (Walther, tux, cigarette case, dunhill rollagas lighter, watch etc.)

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    For me Madeleine’s got to go with in Bond 25 pre-credits because I don’t see what she can add to the story by sticking around or how Bond can be a man of action with a solid relationship to attend to.

    Like the idea of ”we were fucking with you’ and Bond hallucinating/dreaming the final third of SPECTRE. One reason I think it can’t be that is that Bond escaped from all of his supposedly perilous situations in Skyfall much too easily too. I think it seems to be a bit of a weakness of Mendes so far.

    Love the idea of Hinx returning to somehow rescue Blofeld and Waltz back rather than the 60s/70s re-cssting with each of those three films.

    To add to the fantastic MI6 crew we’ve got now, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Minister of Defence next time. Not getting into the cosiness of the later Roger films with Geoffrey Keen but maybe a Minister with whom M has an awkward, antagonistic relationship with. Fiennes has shown he’s great in the last two films when he has double-edged dialogue to deliver.

  • Langford

    Tyson, I was also carrying on with the opening scene with this speculation – it might be unlikely since the skoles will scream “it was a f****** dream!?!” but who cares? It’s an imaginative and brave step for a franchise that needs to continue to rewrite how they bring excitement to the fans. The hallucination/torture scenario is no more “out there” than Rog driving a hovercraft across St. Mark’s or an invisible car or a space station with laser guns.

    To add a proper Moneypenny/hat rack scene – one way or the other Bond fights Hinx before the title sequence and in the fight he comes away with Hinx’s flat driving cap (but Hinx escapes). After title sequence we open to Moneypenny, maybe scanning Bond’s MIA file or something. Then the flat cap flies across the room and onto the rack and in walk Bond.
    (this could work with any opening in which Hinx fights Bond but I do still like the hallucination/torture idea)

    Tom and Chris, another great episode! – the more you talk about it the more I really want Danny around for the entire Blofeld trilogy.


  • Scott Cranidge

    Bond 25 opens post gun barrel on 007 walking through the halls of MI6. He makes his way to ‘M’s office. He’s short with Moneypenny. He goes in the office and right out of Fleming’s MWTGG he pulls out his Walter and fires on M. An automatic sensor brings down a bullet proof wall seconds before he fires.

  • Scott Cranidge

    Saddam was known to have up to a half a dozen doubles.

  • Scott Cranidge

    Bond 25 ‘Colonel Sun’
    Mr. Hinks SPECTRE No. 4, breaks Blofeld out in pretitle ”Good to see you again Mr. Hinks”. Post credit BOND/Swan, Tanner and his lady are having a double date at the links. Tanner gets a phone call from ‘M’ informing them of the events of the pretitle sequence. ‘M’ hangs up his phone, flips on his comlink asking Moneypenny to come in…No answer. ”Moneypenny? Are you there?” No answer. ‘M’ walks out into his outer office to see Moneypenny knocked out with Armed men and a Woman Irma Bunt (Tilda Swinton) SPECTRE’s No. 3 with gas mask and Perametic attire on. They put ‘M’ on a stretcher and in broad daylight kidnap him. Tanner, now acting ‘M’ organizes from Sir. Malory’s desk. A clue leads Bond to Vrakonisi island in the Aelgean Sea. North Korea’s Colonel Sun (Danial Dae Kim), SPECTRE’s No. 2 is behind this. The plan is to attack a Russian conference and make it look as if the U.K. is behind it, thus igniting a new Cold War that SPECTRE will profit from.

    • Edgar Chaput

      Let’s write up a draft right now! Brilliant!

  • Tylord Stevenson

    Just watched Spectre again and had a terrible though; what if Madeleine is really a Spectre agent and has been all along? I think the reason Bond didn’t shoot Blofeld was because she had previously said Bond was a good man so he would look heartless if he killed a defenseless man. Perhaps she was Blofeld’s backup plan. It seems like Blofeld is smiling when Bond walks to Madeleine.

    • Edgar Chaput

      Not going to lie: the thought crossed my mind heading into the SP the first time. I actually wouldn’t have minded that twist at all!

  • Damien Vibert

    ESB arrives too late into the Craig films and his backstory is too tied to closely to Craig’s emo-Bond because of the lazy scriptwriting in SP explaining his motivations. Craig having at best one film in him (artistically and in terms of age), I feel we won’t ever have a Blofeld resolution in that continuity. Retrospectively, SP might force the producers to do the biggest meta-homage to past Bond’s films: the re-cast of Blofeld and the breaking of continuity with the Craig films – pretty much what happened in OHMSS.

  • jsamtheman

    I’d love it if the next film opened with a pre-title sequence of BLOFELD escaping, and news reaching Mi6 that during the escape, 007 was killed. We show MONEYPENNY crying, Q and TANNER looking forlorn, and M solemnly move to the phone.

    Cut to MADELEINE SWANN answering.

    M: Madeleine, I’m afraid I’ve some bad news. We have an agent down. We’ve lost 007.

    MADELEINE’s eyes close, knowingly, steeling herself for what comes next.

    MADELEINE: I understand. Of course.

    MADELEINE turns, revealing that behind her, at the breakfast table, enjoying coffee, Daniel as JAMES BOND looks at her, setting down his cup.

    MADELEINE: I told you they’d call.

    BOND takes the phone from her.

    BOND: I thought you’d given my number to someone else.

    M: One-eyed jack is running wild, James, and we need to know if you’re in for this hand.

    BOND: Save me a seat at the table.

    Cut to Title Sequence.

    • James Bond Radio

      Very sharp dialogue there jsamtheman… nice visual too!

  • Ana Ferreira.

    Honestly, to me Craig’s Bond is the best Bond. Not only he (the actor
    and the way he plays the tormented agent who is always either retiring or
    “dying” — seriously till when?) but the movies plot lines. The
    franchise has come to a point where they can create new things, explain others
    and even pay a tribute to the previous movies. That said, it’d really be a
    shame if Spectre is really the last one of Craig’s Era. Now, talking in terms
    of Bond 25 speculation, after watching Spectre three things stuck in my mind:
    one, that’s what I call a 007 movie! He knows who he is, what is his mission
    and that’s it. Kill the bad guy, get the girl. I mean, we can all agree Monica
    Bellucci scene was … interesting, but so was the way he escaped the torture
    chair and that’s great! These movies do not need the explanation. And even
    though I adore the seriousness and heavy emotions that bring Bond to the 21th
    century to a more “real” world (since Vesper death and later with Sam
    Mendes in the director chair), I also think the original franchise must be
    respected. The guy is the greatest spy in the world! I don’t wanna see
    him falling in love and settling down, that just doesn’t work. And that’s
    why the end didn’t work, for me at least. Which takes us to the second point: Madeleine
    has to be part of the Spectre Organization. Love the ideia of people thinking
    it’s all over, the mystery is solved and he’s in peace and then BAM! Literally
    sleeping with the enemy. That would be the perfect plot line for a 25th
    movie. She can’t die as his lover, we’ve already seen that. The whole revenge
    thing was already done. They’ve just established the hero, his team and the villain
    (the organization properly speaking), there’s so much (too much) to explore
    that it would be like dying the beach. At least Madeleine was Blofeld’s main
    (or backup) plan all this time, getting James’ confidence and taking him out of
    the game so Blofeld could have enough time to restructure everything, I mean,
    he didn’t die right? And all that people in Rome are still alive…So, finally
    but not least the third thing on my mind leaving the movies: 009. Please,
    please make it be a female. The 00 program have not after all been extinct, I
    presume since Q was still working on the same place. The mention of other 00
    agents is nothing new to Bond’s fans, but it is to this new generation of fans,
    this Hunger Games-Katniss-Divergent-Tris fans. My generation, where women can
    be as powerful as men, besides offering some friction, some “sparkles” to the history.
    Working on the same level in the next movie would make 007 and 009 equally mad
    and on their edge. She thinks she doesn’t need him: he destroyed her car, is
    inconsequent and pretentious (and maybe even old for the job?), while he only
    see her as a new kid, an unexperienced agent that was lucky enough to find out
    who Madeleine really was before she shot him naked. In the end I would even
    mind if they slept together, it could be the best sex scene from any Bond movies
    ever (with blurred red lipstick and everything)! There is a movie I would pay
    to see! And that’s just the pre-credit scene. Anyway, I’ve clearly spend too much
    time thinking about it, feedback always appreciated.

    • James Bond Radio

      Some amazing input there Ana! Cracking ideas on Bond 25 speculation… a few people have mentioned about Madeleine being a possible Blofeld mole/back up plan and I’d certainly prefer to see that angle taken rather than the married/killed/revenge plot that others are hoping for!

      The name of 009 in the leaked scripts was Eric Bryce… I’m totally with you though. Why not make it Erica Bryce? Love to see a female ’00’ in a future Bond.


  • buscando

    Who’s to say Madeline will stay with James? She already broke it off with him once because she knew he wouldn’t leave his job. They may spend a couple years together as Tom suggests but if duty calls Bond again, she may want to disappear again.

    Or maybe she has a backup plan if she gets caught, a suicide mission to kill Blofeld, revenge for her father, Bond & herself. Better yet, she survives but lets everyone think she died & stays away knowing she’ll always be a target for Spectre. In retaliation, Bond leads a team of 00’s to kill all of Spectre’s lieutenants in a series of assassinations, Godfather style. Wow I just saw a great film in my head, how can the actual one top that? 🙂

  • buscando

    I’d love it if they actually do the torture dream. People think it’s too crazy & they’d never do it. But that’s exactly why they should. People aren’t expecting them to & it would blow everyone away with its audacity. And the guys are right, it would massively build up Blofeld. If done well, it can create a splash like The Sixth Sense but spread out with a cliff hanger that we didn’t even know was a cliff hanger.

    Why not have the torture dream & the Bond brainwashing be in the same film? Maybe it works that Blofeld’s head drilling was the beginning of the plot to have Bond kill M. It has a nice symmetry, Blofeld killing his father, & Bond killing the father figure M.

  • buscando

    For an Irma Bunt type how about Kathy Bates? Or a Col. Klebb type like Sigourney Weaver, Meryl Streep, or Jennifer Jason Leigh (she was great in Hateful 8). Or go a different way like Angela Bassett.