30 Days of SPECTRE #022: SPECTRE Trivia

Day 22 of 30 Days of SPECTRE!

We’re mining the IMDB SPECTRE trivia page on today’s edition of James Bond Radio. From tidbits about the production of the film, to the original choice for Blofeld, there are some fascinating nuggets on today’s show.

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  • Rafael Perilla

    Ang Lee didn’t direct Mission Impossible part 2, that was John Woo, Mr Lee did Brokeback Mountain,and the first Hulk movie.

    • James Bond Radio

      Ah yeah, good spot Rafael!

  • Jeff Silence

    While I would like to see a Nolan Bond – and I think he would make a great film – I think he’s too big of a name for the Bond franchise. It would be looked as a Nolan film rather than a Bond film. People already talk about Bond being “Nolanized” (a term I absolutely cannot stand) and that giving him the reins would be a bit too much. I think it’s important for the series for the director to take a bit of the back seat. It’s Bond – not just the character, but the essence of Bond – that is the most important. Having a huge name director detracts from that.

    • James Bond Radio

      I guess similar territory to people wanting/not wanting to see Tarantino direct one.

    • Ken Miosa

      “You took the words right out of my mouth!” (in the most positive way, in regards to directors choices~ been back-cataloging all my old Bonds lately, LTK is this weeks favourite 🙂

    • buscando

      At the end of the day, the film has to stand on its own. It doesn’t matter who the director is. I think the only reason they haven’t used bigger directors is because a lot of the budget must go to the action pieces. They’d probably be wary of Tarantino’s subversive streak, but I’d look forward to seeing what he or Nolan or even Ridley Scott would do.

  • GerardoValero

    Do you know of director Denis Villeneuve’? He recently said he wants to do a Bond and his last 2 films are truly mind-blowing (Sicario and Prisoners). That he works with Roger Deakins is also of great appeal since, whatever you may think of Skyfalll (I love it to death) Deakins made what I believe to be the best looking Bond film ever.
    I agree with you about Sam Mendes likely coming back. Having been present at the Spectre premiere here in Mexico, I really got the feeling he enjoys the whole Bond experience to the core and let’s face it, the series hit the jack-pot by hiring him in the frist place.

  • Langford

    There is something to be said for Silence’s comment about Nolan. But I could accept it as long as he didn’t try to make it intergalactic exposition on the Meaning of Everything in the Universe, which he’s prone to do. Certainly I like some of his films. If I had to recommend two of my favorite action directors I’d go with either Brian DePalma or Guy Ritchie.

    DePalma – Mission Impossible 1, Scarface, Snake Eyes, and many others
    Ritchie – Man from UNCLE, Sherlock Holmes, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
    I really like both of their stylistic split screen and flashback montages.


  • olufsphere

    Regarding Nicholas Winding Refn … If you have the stomach for foreign films, check out his movie ‘Pusher’ (there are 3 – the first one by far the best). It’s very low budget, but extremely intense!

  • olufsphere

    2 interesting trivias you didn’t mention:

    “Despite Skyfall (2012) being shot entirely in digital, and rumors that Bond movies would be shot digitally from then on, this and Bond 25 will be shot on 35mm film.”


    “Financing and distribution arrangements Spectre (2015) and Bond 25 have been frequently being reported together suggesting that development of these two James Bond films are being set up for a two-year cycle with Bond 25 being targeted for a 2017 year release.”

    Put those 2 together, and it screams Mendez/Craig continuity, doesn’t it? Surely with a 2017 release date, replacing key elements such as director and main cast sounds implausible.

    In my mind, it points more to the idea of simultaneous shooting

  • buscando

    Another cool episode. Awesome image too. It’s so well done, several times I looked at it I thought it was just a picture of Waltz on some talk show & there was just some random light reflection on his eye. It took me so long to realize that’s the Blofeld eye. I can’t remember his name but your man really is the Q of Photoshop! 🙂