30 Days of SPECTRE #028: Rebecca Andrews & Simon Woolley

Day 28 of 30 Days of SPECTRE!

Today we continue our JBR listener interviews, talking all things SPECTRE. For our first interview of the day we’re joined by Rebecca Andrews and our second interview of the day features Mr. Simon Woolley.

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Listener Interview #7: Rebecca Andrews

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Listener Interview #8: Simon Woolley

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  • Rafael Perilla

    Hi guys, enjoying the shit out of 30 days of Spectre, check out the movie Brazil, Elliot Carver is in it, also I don’t think Mr. Hinx was Blofeld’s henchman, he acquired his own place in that meeting, and he had his own agenda in that train, what do you think?

    • Ralf Lewandowski

      I have to disagree. Initially Marco Sciarra was the organisation’s assassin, whose job was to travel arround the world and eliminate targets assigned by SPECTRE (= Blofeld as the head of SPECTRE). He was meant to kill Mr. White, but died in Mexico. Therefore the baddies met in Rome in order to choose a replacement.

      Hinx replaced Sciarra and became the assassin of SPECTRE. Seeing as he obeys Blofeld’s commands, he should be called his henchman.

  • Tylord Stevenson

    I really liked what Woolley dug up with the gecko symbolism. I also like the idea of Bond thinking Madi is Vesper after his brain got scrambled. Little things like that make Spectre a great movie to chat about.
    Although it’s ridiculous, I still think Madi could work for Ernst. Notice how easy it was for Bond to rescue her from the explosion. He even had a net to fall on. I think she may be brainwashed by Blofeld. Remember he said he had visited her once when she was young but she didn’t remember him. Maybe he had previously done the old brain job on her.

    • buscando

      Great speculations. Anything that makes Blofeld more sinister is fine with me. I really hope the next film develops that further, & really makes us understand & feel the kind of cruelty Blofeld is capable of that even Mr. White had no stomach for.

  • Declan

    Simon was right about the budget issue. 300plus million budget cant solve everything. one of the best scenes is Monica belluci walking through her villa and bond taking out the henchmen. Classic stuff. More of that please – a smaller budget would force better written scenarios.

    • buscando

      That’s one of my favorite scenes too. Great look, music, & mood. Mendes kicked it up an artistic notch from Skyfall. The scenes here are really beautiful.

  • Ralf Lewandowski

    Another two great interviews with two people I had the pleasure to visit Bond in Motion with during the SPECTRE weekend! Great listen, everyone.

    I kind of agree with Simon in his criticism, but my mind is too weak to break the infatuation I feel for this film. I hated Casino when it first came out, Quantum perhaps even more. Skyfall reignited my love for Bond, but SPECTRE brought 007 back to the proper classic roots. Since then, as I grew older, Casino also grew along on me, but it never beat the trauma of 12-year-old Ralfy-boy watching a really dark Bond brutally kick people in the face and getting his balls whacked.

    As for Quantum, not much has changed since my initial viewing – even though it’s a solid adventure with a few good scenes (opera, Bond’s classy escape from the hotel), the shaky camera ruins the whole thing for me. Skyfall was a relief and feeled like a return to the good ol’ days, but recently I noticed it keeps dropping in ranking for me and in a couple of years Casino might outrun it.

    My Craig ranking goes as follows: SPECTRE, Skyfall, Casino, Quantum.

    I’ll post my full 24 film personal favourites ranking soon, because this post is already getting a bit too long. 🙂


  • Anthony Finnegan

    Has anybody ever watched the movies Sin City or Pulp Fiction? These films are stitched together by four or five short stories, each independant of another but all linked. I would love to see the next film be filmed like this. We get a snapshot of four or five of Bond’s missions (they do not have to be related or linked to one another) in one movie. Heck, they don’t even have to be missions. The short story QOS was not a traditional Bond adventure. If you read the book of For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy they do this. Essentially, Bond 25 would be a collection of short stories with Bond. I think Daniel Craig (a great character actor) would be terrific at this type of thing. Lots of concentrated attention on each short story. As well, lots of famous directors (Spielberg and Tarantino) have always said that they have wanted to do a Bond film, this could be their chance. Eg Spielberg could direct one short story and Tarantino another.

    Just a thought.

    • buscando

      Very interesting thought. It would be nice to see something different like that. Different directors is a nice touch too. Although Pulp Fiction & Sin City basically had 1 or 2 main directors, so all the stories had a consistency. It may be tough to get 5 directors all working well together. Wasn’t that the problem they had with the first Casino Royale? That movie was so disjointed with several stories & several Bonds. I saw a “making of” documentary about it which talked about all the feuds between actors etc, it’s probably more entertaining than the film. But I’m on board with anything as long as it’s done really well.

  • Langford

    Another great interview/discussion. While I think Mr. Woolley might have talked himself into a grumpy mood as he put it, I do appreciate his unvarnished opinions about the films, writing quality, etc.

    I still find the idea of a brainwashed Bond still in the chair appealing, it actually explains all of the easy escapes and exploits post-torture- however, I’d want to know that this is what Sam M had in mind all along instead of a big correction to a lazy and weaker third act. By the way, I believe the gecko is nocturnal so it probably wouldn’t have been climbing around on the window during the day. Maybe another symptom of hallucination??

    We’ll know in 2-3 years I suppose.

    Carry on with your great work on behalf of us fans, we love it.


    • buscando

      Great gecko information. I’d love the torture dream to be true. All these clues are great, it’d be a shame if they weren’t used in the next film. It’s such a nice way for this weak 3rd act to be transformed into something incredible.