30 Days of SPECTRE #029: Steve Thorpe & Jack Lugo

Day 29 of 30 Days of SPECTRE!

Today we conclude our JBR listener interview series. Our first guest of the day is Mr. Steve Thorpe, from London, who once appeared on the Graham Norton TV show to interview Sir Roger Moore himself.

For our second and final JBR listener interview we’re joined by Mr. Jack Lugo, all the way from Queens, New York. Jack is both a long time listener and the blog manager at JamesBondRadio.com, both as a writer himself and managing the posts of other guest bloggers.

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Listener Interview #9: Steve Thorpe

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Steve's Graham Norton Appearance with Sir Roger Moore

Listener Interview #10: Jack Lugo

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  • Jeff Silence

    It’s going to feel a bit odd not having a JBR episode loaded on my phone when I wake up every morning. Definitely going to take some time getting back to the usual schedule. But the 30 Days of Spectre has been awesome. The movie may have had some mixed reviews but it seems like most of the JBR family liked it; myself included.

    It’s been great to hear listener’s reactions to the film and there’s been a lot of good discussion and criticism. You guys have stated you wanted the show to have a feel of friends around a table, having a beer, and discussing Bond. These last 30 days have definitely had that feel. Whenever there’s another meet up scheduled, I definitely have to make the effort to get there. Would love to have a pint or two (or three or four) with the JBR family and geek out over Bond.

    Awesome work guys, and can’t wait for you to return.

  • Simon Woolley

    Re Graham Norton. Well Steve mate – you did look a bit if a muppet, yes. Typical outrageous TV exploitation of punters and stars. Wasted TV time and an affront to Roger. Absolutely not your fault BTW! Hope the actual experience was actually rather cool. I hate Norton.

    • Steve Thorpe

      I know I know- it is “cringe” but I didn’t know any of that sh*t was going to happen until literally about 5mins before going in to meet him- and as I said in the podcast, I refused to do it at first. But regardless, I couldn’t turn down an audience with Sir Roger and my signed poster (I’ve got a Moonraker one) made it all worthwhile. It was a while ago as well – 2008 just before QoS came out!

  • GerardoValero

    I tried to send my 30 second review of SPECTRE but ran into some technical difficulties. At any rate, I wanted to leave you my opinion of the movie.
    Few films I have anticipated as much as Spectre, in no small part because I was one of those who absolutely loved Skyfall. Another factor was having had the chance to work as an extra on the pretitle sequence last March. This might tell you that I may have never been particularly objective about it but this is not my first Bond film and I can remmeber my dissappointment when coming out of other entries like Licence to Kill, Die another Day and most specially Quantum of solace, movies that I tried to like but was just never able to do so.
    I thought Spectre was a knockout. True, like most of you I had some qualms about it. I thought the pre-title sequence with a shirtless Bond was a bit tacky, the octopus’ tentacles were a little too freingthening and Alien-like for my taste and overall, I don’t think it represented one of Danny Kelinman’s best efforts. I wish the Rome chase had been a bit grittier but I must admit that when I’ve watched the movie (4 times so far) I’ve had no real trouble with it. I also had no problem with the revelation of Blofeld or the realtive ease for the explosion of his liar, it might have been a bit too easy but I just don’t think it was such a big deal. My main quibble with the movie was the cinematography which I found too dark too much of the time, specially in the final London showdown, and lacked too much color in others such as the Austrian plane sequence. Hoyte van Hoytema is just no Roger Deakins At any rate for me Spectre is easily a top 10 Bond if not top 5 or 6.
    So I have to admit it’s been quiet dissappointing to hear that so many people didn’t like it, specially a lot of those close to me such as my brothers and friends. I confess that because of my view about the movie at times I’ve gone as far as to take the ciritcism personal and the worst thing is that I simply can’t understand where they are coming from. There are so many action films out there and for one to work as well as this one, specially the 24th. time around, it is nothing short of remarkable.
    At any rate, I guess this is a lot better than having it the other way around (everybody else loving Spectre except me)
    Thank you for the 30 days of Spectre, I’ve really enjoyed them.