30 Days of SPECTRE #024: Shooting Bond with Sid Man

Day 24 of 30 Days of SPECTRE!

We have a real, live, genuine member of the SPECTRE organisation on today’s episode of James Bond Radio!

After interacting with James Bond himself in Skyfall and then being asked to return for SPECTRE, Sid Man has some incredible stories about what it’s like to work on a Bond film.

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  • olufsphere

    Having not read all the books (yeah, I know … sorry), it was interesting to hear, that the Hannes Oberhauser storyline is part of Octopussy. That kinda takes the pain away from the supposedly “weak” part of the SPECTRE plot. I mean, if it’s original Flemming, then it’s not really worth discussing, and surely can’t be called “weak”.

    Otherwise two big thumbs up to Sid Man! I don’t suppose, Barbara is looking for distinguished older men with thick danish accents. I mean, there has hardly been any danes in Bond movies, apart from Cecilie Thomsen (professor Ingrid Bergström – TND), Ulrik Thomsen (Sasha Davidoff – TWINE), Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chifre) and Jesper Christensen (Mr. White). 🙂

    • James Bond Radio

      We’ll be sure to put in a good word for you! 😉

    • Bryant Burnette

      I’m going to beg to differ on the “it can’t be called weak” front, because oh yes, it certainly can be. Oberhauser in mentioned in “Octopussy” as having been a father figure of sorts to Bond, but this bullshit of turning Blofeld into Oberhauser’s weirdo son is so far removed from Fleming that I continue to be astonished by how many Bond fans are giving it a pass.

      • olufsphere

        Ah, wait – you’re right of course. Only Hannes Oberhauser is mentioned, there is no Franz Oberhauser in any of the Fleming lore.

        Back to “weak” then. 🙁

  • Billy Bumbags

    Guys, just write the script for Bond 25 and send it in! You never know!

  • Tylord Stevenson

    Congrats to Sid for getting into those two iconic scenes! Hopefully he can get a bigger part in the next Bond and work his way up to Shane Rimmer status.
    He’s right about Starcrash; If you guys really love Caroline Munro, you have to see that movie.

  • GerardoValero

    Really envious of Sid’s Skyfall and Spectre adventures. If you are going to work an extra in a Bond movie, I think it is always better to be involved in a scene that a) doesn’ include scores of people, b) is preferently not an action sequence and c) is shot indoors
    For me, working as an extra in the Spectre pretitle sequence was a dream, once in a lifetime experience, but the cuts in the final film were so quick, I was lucky to barely appear in a couple of shots (one that lasts for about a second and another that is even shorter!).
    Regarding Bond 25, let’s face it, as long as Madeleine is around, Bond’s womanizing days are over (not that such a thing stopped George Lazenby’s Bond from sleeping with as many girls as humanly possible in OHMSS), thus, I predict a very short lifetime for her character in the next film.

  • Sid Man

    Thanks for the comments. I was happy to share some of my experiences with you all, although typically I started remembering more stuff after the interview finished so maybe one day there might be a more Skyfall-centric episode where I might be able to give you all more stories from set…! Thanks to the boys for making the interview easy to do too!

    • Edgar Chaput

      No, thank you for sharing your wonderful stories!