A Tribute To Sir Christopher Lee | Podcast #043

In light of his recent passing on June 7th, we thought it was a good moment for James Bond Radio to pay tribute to everyone’s favourite golden gun toting hitman, Christopher Lee.

We’ll be taking a look at his unbelievably amazing life…believe us when we tell you, this guy packed more into his first 25 years than most of us do in a lifetime.

We’ll be picking our favourite Scaramanga moments and generally paying tribute to the legend of Christopher Lee.

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  • Baldwin Collins

    love this podcast tribute to the late sir christopher lee, A icon and legend of the british film idustry, gone but not forgotten R.I.P

  • Langford

    Thanks for this great podcast – an amazing life, well lived. I had also heard the Lee was a devout Catholic and he considered those horror films to be tales of good triumphing over evil.

  • olufsphere

    What a man. RIP Sir Christopher.

    P.S.: Tom nails the Armstrong impersonation. Not an easy one! Well done!!

  • Dennis James Hardin

    Finally caught this one. Excellent job, guys. A wonderful tribute to the legend. Lee was my number one favorite actor growing up (alongside the Bonds) and it broke my heart when we lost him. Been a fan of his since I was seven and saw a TV airing of DRACULA-PRINCE OF DARKNESS. I was hooked. What a life he lead, and what a great actor.

  • Mike Flores

    Youtube has muted the sound.