Alan Tomkins Interview | Podcast #098

[Interview begins at: 28:15]

This week we’d like to welcome Alan Tomkins to the show. An art department legend, his contribution to the Bond series stretches from Dr. No all the way to Casino Royale. If that wasn’t enough for you, his film credits include The Empire Strikes Back, Saving Private Ryan, Batman Begins and many more classic films.

Be sure to tune in to today’s episode of JBR for some amazing on-set stories.

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  • Baldwin Collins

    I’ am Glad you Guys made a special mention to the late Ronnie Corbett and
    and the late Douglas Wilmer two of Briton’s entertainment icons. Ronnie Corbett has a special place in my memory. with the Late Ronnie Barker in the comedy sitcom ”The two Ronnies” However the late Douglas Wilmer who played the Famous Sherlock Holmes on t v during the 60s era was Before my time. and surprisingly Wilmer was alongside christopher lee in the Fu Manchu films. may the late Ronnie Corbett and the late Douglas Wilmer R.I.P.

  • Baldwin Collins

    The beach alan tomkins mention, is not Dunn’s river Falls.
    but today known as James Bond beach.

  • Baldwin Collins

    great informative interview
    with Bond art Department man Alan Tomkins, His stories are Legendary.

  • flay

    Great show! I’m quite embarrassed to say I was unaware of Alan before hearing this. Thanks for the interview!

  • GerardoValero

    1) “Oh my God” comes from the pre-title scene in “The Spy who loved me” where the Ranger’s commander looks through the periscope (and surely seems the Liparus approaching).
    2) This week’s music Q comes from the scene in Casino Royale where Vesper provides Bond with the tuxedo.

  • olufsphere

    98 episodes (actually more, since I have noticed that some of the double headers have the same sequence number), and you’ve only done 13 movies (well 14 if you count the 30 days of SPECTRE). Here’s to many more to come, lads – good stuff!

    Here’s (some of the reasons) why James Bond Radio works:

    – You complement each other REALLY well. Tom’s passion for Bond and Chris’ “Rain Man” like attention to detail presents two perspectives on things, supporting each other well. (BTW, I’m not saying Chris has no passion and Tom no attention to detail).

    – And you have a genuine interest and enthusiams towards the subjects, topics, people you bring on. This Alan Tomkins being a great example. You hardly have to ask or comment on anything, yet manage to create that extremely pleasant atmosphere, that makes people WANT to tell their stories.

    Rare and commendable qualities! Hat tip, gentlemen!

  • buscando

    1:21:16 Kind of a bummer how Alan interrupted Tom’s story about Band of Brothers.