The Big James Bond Boxing Day Quiz 2017 | Podcast #129

Merry Christmas Bond fans!

It’s time for the 4th annual Big James Bond Boxing Day Bonanza Quiz. We have 100 fiendishly challenging questions to put you to the test. Will you come out ‘Onatopp’ of things? Take the challenge and find out!

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  • Dennis James Hardin

    I stayed up late Christmas Night to enjoy this Boxing Day Quiz. I do need to brush up on my Daniel films, though the bonus quiz and general knowledge also helped to put me in a Lotus Esprit Turbo at 78%. After the amount of work I’ve put into my own vehicle just to pass the safety inspection I’ll be thrilled with any color for the Lotus 🙂

    • James Bond Radio

      Excellent work Dennis! Welcome to the Lotus Esprit Turbo club! If only eh? 😉

  • Rian Capaci

    I thought the Christmas Jones question was leading somewhere else entirely lol…

    Not thrilled with my 70 pts, but LOVED this year’s quiz! I found the questions engaging, original, and above all, fun. As always fellah’s, your efforts are appreciated!

    • James Bond Radio

      Thanks Rian and congratulations on a great score! I guess there are many avenues the Christmas Jones question could have gone down! 😉

  • GerardoValero

    72 and a half points. BMW Z8 from TWINE. That’s 65.5 in the regular rounds plus all 7 Christmas questions. That means I’m in my usual yearly range.
    I was doing incredibly well until the Ian Fleming round came along and I only got one answer right there. The same thing happens to me year after year because, as ashamed as I I am to say it, I’ve only read a couple of the novels and that was way back in High School. This doesn’t necessarily mean I’m lazy with my Bond reading as I’ve gone through most of the Bond related books on my shelf displayed on the attached picture (plus others that I keep elsewhere). That is except the Bond Girl editions for which one tends to have little use for anything but the pictures. ).
    At any rate, the Bond novels are my Achilles Tendon and will remain so until I do something about it.

    • James Bond Radio

      Fantastic result Gerardo! Well done indeed. Enjoy your ride home in the Z8… just watch out for any saw blade helicopters! 😉

  • GerardoValero

    I watched a Bond movie today and ran into an additional Bond Christmas question: Guess where this quote comes from………”Not exactly Christmas”

    • Colin Peters

      Is that from the pre-titles of Tomorrow Never Dies when Robinson is listing off all the weapons at the black market trade fair?

      • GerardoValero

        No, actually that comes from “Skyfall” in the scene at the National Gallery where Q presents Bond with “….a gun an a radio, not exactly Christmas!”.
        But in the spirit of the Big James Bond Quiz, we’ll grant you half a point!

        • Colin Peters

          Awww but of course it is! You’re too kind with the half point but I’ll graciously take it!

          • James Bond Radio

            Nicely done fellas! I tried to keep it to 007 Xmas questions but if I can find another 6 for next year you’ll both be one question to the good! 🙂

  • rahatul alam

    I just watched last time in Paris a romantic drama that roger Moore was in as a romantic lead kind of like pierce brosnan who did some romantic leads before being bond even with Elizabeth Taylor in mirror cracked, the same with roger Moore, he was so suave in this like there should be a backstory where he works for majesty government, that would be dope, roger Moore throws down a fight by throwing beer in someones face, its so good, reading the short story is based on also excited me a lot, and then I watched Stephanie sigman who was the lady bond walks with in the Mexico celebration scene in specter, she was such a good actor in this latino film la Bella, and narcos and well as Annabelle 2, really loved her in that, helpfully she is used again in a bond film in a bigger role, maybe when they reboot it or something, I writings some continuation novels of bond film such as specter, skyfall and quantum which I want to be able to make it more to the source material as possible, I mean to be honest there is some parts In the movie that has elements of the book, as I researched an example, could be the smuggling operation that bond has to find, before he goes to meet the the governor in Barbados who will tell him the story, of the two couple, instead they chose to use oil, and then using the last scene where they confront them, but those two characters should have been Rhoda Llewelyn and Philip Masters, who has just came from government house, that would have stayed in line with the book. So thats my idea, Im actually reading a bond novelization of the spy who loved me, as well as the book you covered which is the letters of Fleming. Its great can’t wait to dig some more bondage. I’m not joking their was a James Bond church, that was made near camp x a spy training covert place where Ian Fleming and royal Dahl went back to, they made a series of it which is really good, its a very good show only watched the first epsiode and can’t wait to read books on this cite, they have a deciphering machine called hydra. bond goes to the same hotel in Mexico in the movie specter as he does in license to kill how cool is that. I was watching a documentary on Jim Carrey Netflix special and since Lazenby did a good one this year, it was really good, I think they are trying to live up to it, I mean its kind of the same where Lazenby wanted to live up to Sean Connery as well as Jim Carrey living up to Andy Kauffman. I have to go back to this show for Star Wars commentary I didn’t know it was going to come to this and I am not a big Star Wars fan, but will watch it regardless I guess. I went on a binge of research for mi6 history and its pretty cool, like the major inspiration of thunderbolt movie and book was based on this guy who lived there before. Many different agents from around the world worked in this agency, I thought only British so raul silva makes a lot of sense now, with the killer thigh theres a link from living daylights to goldeneye, wow that is pretty cool to see. its good to see Alan cumming again in the movie battle of the sexes, man its great to see a face of that bond villain/henchman, also the end song credit at the end of this film feels bond to me. so check that out. I saw the foreigner now reading the book its based on, it was a good movie to see both actors in film again I really love it. the movie was overcrowded and some parts I didn’t know what happened, so reading the book will help hopefully but such as good movie, I can’t wait to see brosnan project the son, thats also based on a book. Ian Fleming was born my birthday just the year is not the same of course. Would Alan Rickman be cool to play Hannes Oberhauser? There was already a license to drive movie that came before die hard from century 21st fox, believe it or not, can’t wait for the license to kill review my favorite film, love it.

  • David Williams

    Did pretty well in the quiz this year, really great questions! Just wondering if the JBR guys have any plans for another blooper reel this festive time?

    • James Bond Radio

      Hi David, that is a great question in itself… we definitely need to release another blooper real soon. Been too long since the last one. We’ll look into it for sure. 🙂

  • Colin Peters

    Great questions again this year! The last three years I got 50, 49, and 46.5…This year I’ve done a little bit better at 51.5 so I’m apparently hovering around my average. At least I get to drive home with Aki…making John jealous I’m sure 😉 Great quiz again guys, hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Colin and congrats on your score. Mr Williams is indeed jealous that Aki is driving you home for a hot bath, Japanese style! 😉

  • Yayo
  • Gary Bootle

    Hi Chaps, just managed to get some time to do your Boxing Day quiz. After 30 plus years of being a Bond geek, I only managed 60 points! So I’ve end up with that shitty Ford from Diamonds Are Forever! (Note to self: I must gen up on Fleming and the novels if I want to be a high roller in an Aston or Lotus next year).

    Thanks for all the entertainment this year guys, looking forward to JBR in 2018,

    All The Best,


    • James Bond Radio

      60 points is a very respectable score indeed Gary! And at least you get to drive home on two wheels… that doesn’t happen every day! 😉

  • Simon Firth

    39 points… Grief. (Sunbeam Alpine)

    • James Bond Radio

      Still a classic car and Bond’s very first! Nicely done Simon!