Bill Conti Talks For Your Eyes Only | Podcast #118

We’re back from our month long trip to Shrublands! This week we return with a killer interview with For Your Eyes Only composer Bill Conti. You’ll hear the story of how he got the job, what it was like to work on the movie, and the story of a hilarious alternate score to the Citreon chase (thanks to Cubby Broccoli).

In addition, we open up the MI6 Mailbag and answer 10 killer listener questions.

Big thanks go to Peter Brooker from the Intermissions podcast for hooking us up with Mr. Conti.

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  • Ralf Lewandowski


    • Chris made me do it!!!

      • Dennis James Hardin

        LOL! Funny thing though, I find them very difficult to rank. As much as I love Tim, and that he truly attempted the spirit of Fleming, I don’t quite picture him when I read the books. The decade has a lot to do with that. Fleming’s Bond I completely envision living in the 50’s and 60’s. Craig looks like he could fit in with those times as well as the contemporary era. Tim’s Bond is very much a late ’80s and early ’90’s man. I actually find Connery’s Bond in FRWL to be the most accurate screen depiction of Fleming’s Bond with George not too far behind.
        I remember doing a class presentation on Bond in college and was asked who thought were the best and worst Bonds (a question I hate almost as much as putting the gunbarrel at the end of SF). In fact I don’t think I even answered that, I loved all Bonds. I might have a least favorite performance possibly- Sean’s in YOLT for instance.
        I think as far Tim being a womanizing lover Bond I don’t feel we ever really got to see that. We never really got to see women swoon over him. TLD displayed a more monogamous situation, and LTK was more action focused. Not much leeway there, although other films showcase the studly man about town Dalton. Certain qualities Dalton brought to The Rocketeer: him being more of a seducer as well as the humor might have balanced his Bond interpretation more.

  • That’s an incredible interview with Conti! His voice reminds me of David Hedison’s, as both as from Providence, RI. I had no idea that Barry recommended him to the Bond films.

  • GerardoValero

    I have mixed feelings about the FYEO score. The gunbarrel bit is quiet powerful and I guess the romantic sections are fine, but a lot of the score (unlike NONE of the Barrys) feels very updated these days. For some reason, Conti’s snow motorcycle chase score reminds me of Eric Serra’s “Lady’s first” from “Goldeneye” (neither is very suspensful for sure). Conti’s done a lot of nice things in his career (he was the Academy Awards conductor for years and years) and he is clearly better at scoring a Bond movie than a Michael Kamen or an Eric Sera) but I wish John Barry had recommended himself for this job instead.
    BTW, The new Listener Quote which you both laughed so much about obviously comes from Jacoba Brink training Bibi Dahil in FYEO and this week’s Guess the Music Q is from the (inside the) oil pipe chase scene in TWINE.
    Very nice episode. Here’s hoping for the long promised TLD review in not too long.

  • RussAgent007

    Love the podcasts. Don’t ever change 🙂

  • GerardoValero
  • Langford

    Mount Rushmore – Fleming, Cubby, Sean, Barry. No doubt. Great question!

  • Terry Adlam

    Another great podcast lads. Missed Ya!

  • GerardoValero

    Regarding your Timmy D. comments, having recently given his 2 entries (yet) another look, I tend to agree with Tom. It is not only that his Bond is much of a lady’s man bot more importantly, it lacks just about any kind sarcasm which was crucial with all the other Bonds. It seems that circumstance drive Dalton in the arms of his leading ladies and not that he is all that interested in them to begin with.One of my favorite moments from the Daniel years can be found in “Skyfall” when Javier Bardem emotionally lectures Judi Dench (inside the plexiglas cell) about how much he had to suffer to protect her secrets and once he finishes, instead of showing any symathy Daniel’s simply givies him a brief glance of disdain (as if thinking something the likes of “what a whinning baby”) Additionaly, Dalton’s Bond lacks much of an edge, he’s never shown cheating at golf, backgammon, etc. or acting like a real bastard like the rest of his peers (can you imagine doing somehting the likes of Rog telling Rosie Carver “Well, I certainly wouldn’t have killed you before” after what was basically taking advantage of her?). Dalton’s Bond is not only too serious but also way too decent. If there was a time at the end of any of the Bonds where it felt like 007 could settle with his female lead (asides from OHMSS of course) it is with Dalton and Maryam D’Abo, and I don’t think that was such a good thing to begin with.
    That said, “The Living Daylights” is still one of my favorite entries in the series but I can’t help but wonder how it would have turned out with Pierce Brosnan in the role.

  • rahatul alam

    george lazenby documentary is so good, i would love to see a documentary of Ian Fleming and and an actor playing him, such as Leonardo Di Caprio who had played fleming in catch me if you can, or even pierce brosnan. I am down for that. I missed JBR, Here is 2 pictures from the strip, no music of bond come on when i had it i thought i only thought christmas came once a year. I really need to buy the world if not enough novelization, because i read the others, i havent even see the movie, because i wanted to read the book, even though they are not cannon. The strips of the comic that was before the movie, is the adaption of than the film, so reading YOLT or TSWLM, is crazy, i mean they did it justice to become a film, for example, it can be used for the next bond film if waltz or nazi officer from the fleming movie goldeneye, also blowfled comes back, can end up seeing shatterhands and everything, or the TSWLM, can also become an adaptation, and have a die hard in a hotel, which we saw in CR but who doesnt want to see that again. Bill Conti was a nice interview, so cool to hear is work, i am seeing his filmography on the old wiki and i have seen some of the films he put music for, Gloria I really want to see, because i heard its a type of film that is similar to leon the professional before that came out. I have seen carbon copy, all karate kids is cool, he did nomads, pierce brosnan first film, that is crazy, spy hard and wrongfully accused, a fun fact, leslie Nelson who plays in the film, was in the actual tv show of the 50s, in two episodes, so was a little kurt russel, i am currently watching that show right now, i am going to read a spy novel called Condorman, which is a spoof of bond, they did a movie, but more in the side of Get Smart show, which I am also currently watching, As well as mission impossible. He has such a good track record of movies he has put music magic on, no wonder he got the parts. Love his work on his films and cant wait to see more, with the help of Amazon fire, i can see more films within the year so for the old man from uncle movies, which i wuld love to watch and spy movies, of the 60s, so going through the years are cool for a movie guy like me. Daniel was underwater in skyfall, in his house with a guy, that daniel fought the guy underwater while sylvia looks. Please check out the comic strips, i will post two every video.

  • rahatul alam

    Please check my fan summary of smashing franchises with bond, which bond movies are doing now a days an example could be captain america winter soldier and dark knight, and jason bourne being one of them. So check it out its in the comment section of this youtube video, and let me know what you think about, it, i can t do it on the fb post because i got banned, i wish they will let me come back, but i dont know. Sorry about that, tom and chris put me back in the fb, let me know if you can thanks, The only podcast i listen to is the after movie diner, dr action and the kick ass kid, pod james pod podcast, team tiger awesome, nerdist, you made it weird, james bonding, smodcast, the reel spoilers, film junk, comedy film nerds, i was there too which does interviews of people as well as alot of bondage, now playing, school of movies, and empire and mayo podcast, thats it, so i rotate around that, that is some good podcastage i just dont listen to songs anymore, hopefully i can be an extra in a bond film, becasue im going to be a movie extra. so that would be a dream about. By the way check out schmoes know which is a youtube channel about movies, and there recent episode they talked about daniel craig returning of bond, and al those schannagins, and check out the podcast i listen too. Yes daniel craig is a reboot, by the way i saw daniel in some voices, and hotel splendid which was a good film i try to look at scenes in films of his past that looks like a bond scene, and there was one in some voices, where danny in in the water with the girl, and that could be vesper, and him, so cool and flemingisque, also the one where he is naked running in the street can you imagine that when danny is running to the courthouse in SK, and he is naked that is some bondage right there, both eva green and Danny boy appeared naked in films as well as Monica Belluchhi and lea Sedoux. No suprise i am a big shakespear fan, so Rory Kinnear and ben whishaw was in the a production of Richard the third in the hollow crown you guys should check him out. i would love to see a glimpse of his childhood for sure. You saw bonds teenage years, for pierce is remington steele, roger the saint, connery the movies before bond, and craig also the shows he was in before such as the trench which is bond back story, dalton, also. I have carte blanche book i have to read it for sure. four bond actors would be Connery, Brosnan, Moore, and Dalton. Sorry George and Craig, Dalton being the first dark Bond, brosnan for having all three aspects, moore, for comic side, and connery for all of them, craig and lazenby is only one note. They are similar to the literary bond, starting from casino they are all the same to me. I went to a jamaican restaurant, and it was al dr no like, and food was bond. I felt like connery whil there that was so good, or roger. hey daniel looks like hoagy charmicheal period! end of conversation he is the literrary bond as well as dalton. yeah 80s and 60s for me. yeah all you need is an ornithologist name and 00 number. or CIA Felix Leiter take the throne. A Blank canvas on Felix Leiter, the name is leiter, feliex leiter. I would love to see Bonds aunt and college and school appear in a film for sure when they rebooted. End Bond and start Felix i would love to see that. The Franchise i will see will be bond, mission, star wars, fast and furious, and thats it not many other franchises. its crazy to see cr had a deleted scene of them seeeing a cricket match, i played cricket back in my parents country bangladesh and that was cool aspect. Goodhead wins i want one as well.

  • Anthony Nesbitt

    I love Conti, class all the way.