Bond Behind The Scenes: Nikki Van Der Zyl Interview | Podcast #047

This week we’re joined by an unsung hero of Bond, Nikki Van Der Zyl. As a voice artist she provided the voice of some of the most iconic Bond girls of all time from Honey Ryder (…and yes that is Nikki singing Underneath the Mango Tree), to Shirley Eaton’s Jill Masterson and Thunderball’s Domino. The list doesn’t end there either. Nikki was involved in a total of 10 Bond films with Moonraker being her last.

This is another behind the scenes interview with someone who was there from the very beginning of the cinematic Bond. You’ll hear tales of hanging out on set with Gert Frobe during the filming of Goldfinger, you’ll hear how she revoiced the entire female cast of Dr. No (with the exception of Moneypenny and Miss Taro) and maybe…just maybe you might even hear Nikki performing a line of Bond girl dialogue too.

Enjoy 🙂

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  • Stephen Wadsworth

    So glad to hear from Nikki Van Der Zyl. What phenomenal work she did for the Bond film series.

    It’s always puzzled me a bit why English actresses like Eunice Gayson and Jane Seymour needed to be dubbed – whether it was just easier to have a voice artist do the ADR than to get the actresses back for post-production or if the director anx producers thought that the female characters needed that bit extra that Nikki could provide. Whatever, fantastic job.

    Once you know she dubbed at least some of Jane Seymour’s dialogue you can definitely hear a bit of extra husk to Solitaire in the initial meeting with Bond in LALD. Pretty crazy getting your head around the fact that she provided all but two of the female voices in Dr. No and yet still (as far as I know) went uncredited for that. You d have thought she could have got an ‘Additional voices’ credit or something like that. I suppose back in the day it was all about concealing the movie-making magic.

    Have a nice well-earned break Chris and Tom. Whatever could the subject of that next podcast be?!! Take our unfinished lives and make them complete…

  • Baldwin Collins

    podcast 047 great interview Chris wright, Nikki’s a bond legend.

  • Jeff Silence

    That was a really good get for an interview, and I bet she has even more stories of working on the Bond films. Great work, Chris!

  • Colten H.

    First my girlfriend takes a vacation for two weeks, and now JBR takes these next two weeks off too? Now what am I supposed to do with myself?

  • Jeff Pollock

    Another outstanding interview. 89 years young and sharp as a tack! What an amazing talent and yes, I would’ve also asked for a line. Great job Chris!

    by the way, loved this week’s quote. Without spoiling it for too many, I’ll just say the preceding line is, “Mr. Bond, you have an urgent telephone call”.

  • Wonderful interview guys! Nikki is one of the most wonderful and charming people from behind the scenes of Bond 😀

  • Chris

    Here’s Nikki receiting those lines from Dr No in the Taryn Simon exhibition :