Bond Girls: Caroline Munro & Martine Beswick Interview |Podcast #051

It’s a red letter day at James Bond Radio. We have our very first Bond girls on the show!
First up we have The Spy Who Loved Me’s Caroline Munro regaling us with stories of working with Sir Roger Moore, Richard Kiel and Lewis Gilbert. Then we talk to two time Bond girl, Martine Beswick who we all know as Zora the fighting gypsy girl in From Russia With Love and for her turn as Thunderball’s Paula Caplan.

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  • Patrick Mulready

    Marvelous interview, guys. Those ladies are both so gracious and witty. You know, last year, when I went to London and did a Bond locations tour with Brit Movie Tours, there was an option on the tour where I could have signed up to meet Caroline Munro, and I didn’t do it. I’m regretting that now.

  • GerardoValero

    Here are my answers:
    I can’t, can’t find the brakes!…..Mr. Big’s men about to crash at the Louisiana Airport. They can’t see ahead because of their broken windshield but I don’t see how this should affect their ability to step on the the brakes, which are located where the always are.
    I have a small favor to ask…….Brosnan’s Bond to Jack Wade for help with the HALO jump operation.
    The tune in question, I believe, is from Moonraker, when Bond spies on the unwitting scientists at the Venice laboratory.
    Complete the song……I’ve been waiting long for one of us to say, save the darkness, let it never fade away (AHA! The Living Daylights).

    Regarding the “Stop teasing me”….I don’t have a clue.

  • Edgar Chaput

    Good on you, lads! I’ve been impressed by the guests you’ve attracted since the start of the show last year, but you have undone yourselves this time! Bravo!

  • Marty O’Dwyer

    About the gambling games, would you consider non-casino/non-card games? In that case what about golf in Goldfinger since they were playing for money? In Never Say Never Again they were playing Domination, but as you know Bond didn’t take the money, he settled for one dance with Domino 🙂 I believe you got the rest.

  • Baldwin Collins

    just managed to hear this iconic interview with two legendary
    bond ladies. looking forward to seeing and hearing more bond celebrities.