Bond Location Visits, Trigger Mortis, Dave Bautista & A Very Special Competition| Podcast #048

JBR has been on leave for the last 3 weeks but as of today we’re officially back to Bond it up! This week we have a big old catch up with Tom telling us all about his trip to see some killer Casino Royale locations in the Czech Republic along with some classic Living Daylights locations in Vienna.

Chris tells us all about his Diamonds Are Forever pilgrimage to Amsterdam (“Who is your floor?”), we catch up on all the latest Bond news from Lazenby’s recent visit to Piz Gloria to Jane Seymour’s story about falling asleep whilst in bed with Sir Roger…

…And finally we reveal the details of a VERY special competition you won’t want to miss!

Enjoy 🙂

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  • Darren Noble

    “You’ve been on holiday, I understand. Relaxing I hope”
    “Oh, hardly relaxing but most satisfying”

    Welcome back guys!

  • GerardoValero

    Greetings from Mexico City. Here are some of our 007 locations. 1) Franz Sanchez office from “Licence to Kill” (notice the statues above). 2) Banco de Istumbus, also from “Licence to Kill”, 3) From SPECTRE here is the areea where Bond starts to chase Sciarra (notice the gray building at the above left which blows up in the trailer) 4) Also from SPECTRE, here is the hotel elevator where Bond and Stephanie Sigman use to reach her hotel room (the same elevator was used by Timothy Dalton and Carey Lowell in “LIcence” BTW)

  • GerardoValero

    And here’s a couple of Bond trivia questions for you: 1) In which movies does 007 not say the words Bond, James Bond, and 2) In which movies does he say it TWICE (a lot more often than you’d think).

    • Simon Hunter

      Hi Gerardo,
      I think the line is absent from From Russia with Love. In Quantum, they filmed it, but it didn’t work and they deleted it.

      • GerardoValero

        0 times indeed in FRWL and Quantum, plus in Thunderball & You only live twice.
        2 times indeed in Man with the golden gun, plus in For your eyes only (once to Melina, another to Kristatos), The World is not enough (once to Elektra, another to Christmas), and in A view to a kill (once to the S.F. cop, another to Stacey on the firetruck)

  • Jeff Pollock

    Welcome back fellas. Great to hear your voices again. Love the contest idea. Sadly, no way for me to make it across the pond.
    Regarding Tom’s trivia question, you forgot one, quote memorable villain with whom you would not want to shake hands…Tee Hee.

    Jeff P.