Book Review: Solo by William Boyd / Podcast #018

It’s time for our very first in-depth book review. On today’s show, we’re talking about the latest James Bond continuation novel ‘Solo’ by William Boyd. In our usual movie review style, we take it through scene by scene, or should we say, chapter by chapter and pick apart the details. Be sure to tune in to catch our verdict. Do we think it’s better than Devil May Care? Do we think it outshines Carte Blanche? Find out in the latest episode of James Bond Radio.

Also, we discuss the latest Bond 24 news, with some interesting tidbits and Tom reveals the secret formula hidden within all the Daniel Craig Bond songs.


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  • olufsphere

    Interesting thought.
    When listening to Tom reading out loud, which Bond-actor is in your mental images?
    Surprisingly, for me it was Danny, even though I tried in the beginning conciously visualize Connery. I think it was the explicity.

  • Dennis James Hardin

    Great podcast! I remember picking the Craig Bond songs on the guitar as well- the same chords repeated. I think it’s fun to have my guitar handy while watching FYEO and jam along with Drive In The Country.
    I definitely need to catch up on these newer continuation novels. I got thru Carte Blanche, but don’t remember much about it. This one sounds great, though. I love the idea of Bond slightly older set a few years after the Fleming books.
    Interesting for me as when I read the Fleming novels I pictured Bond looking like a cross between the George Almond illustration seen in the Raymond Benson Bedside Companion, and the John McLusky Bond. Gardner’s Bond I picture closer to Sean in NSNA, so I wonder how I’d envision Boyd’s 007? Maybe like Yorak’s.