Colonel Sun Book Review (Kingsley Amis) | Podcast #039

James Bond Radio is back with our review of the very first 007 continuation novel ‘Colonel Sun.’ We’re going in deep on this one talking about everything from the quality of the opening line, the villain’s plot to Bond’s eagerness in the bedroom!

Also we talk about the latest SPECTRE news with the latest photos and video of an action sequence shooting on the river Thames. We look at Mr. Hinx’s signature handgun and we ponder the all important question of whether Daniel’s Bond would or should smoke on screen.

It’s all happening this week in episode #039 of James Bond Radio.

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  • Darren Noble

    Good to have JBR back in my life! I missed you.

    I did indeed make it up to London last Sunday for the SPECTRE filming & it was great fun. Saw the set pieces that were reported in the press, but as I stayed around until 2:30am saw another scene on vauxhall bridge that is a minor spoiler…

    More of the same tomorrow in Westminster. Can’t wait

  • Jeffrey Westhoff

    Great episode. Loved hearing you talk about “Colonel Sun,” which I agree is the best continuation novel. There’s a line Bond says at the beginning of the book that I have adopted as a motto: “It’s ceasing to be an individual that’s deadly.”

    I forget where I read this — it might have been Raymond Benson’s interview with Kingsley Amis in Bondage magazine — but Amis said it was his doctor who gave him the idea for the book’s torture scene. He told his doctor he wanted to torture Bond but didn’t want to go for the testicles as that had been done already and had become a cliche. His doctor told him to concentrate on the head, to poke objects into the orifices up there.

    When Michael G. Wilson was interviewed in the American magazine Mediascene Prevue while promoting “For Your Eyes Only,” he mentioned the possibility of filming “Colonel Sun.” He said the problem was using the Chinese as villains. Even back then filmmakers were worried about offending the Chinese government.

    In your trivia question about colonels in the Bond movies, you missed one: Colonel Scott from “Moonraker.” He was one of the Marine astronauts who joined the battle for Drax’s space station. Holly Goodnight shouts, “Colonel Scott, don’t shoot!” I guess she knew him.