The Comic Book Bond | Podcast #033

We’re marching forth into brand new territory with this week’s episode of James Bond Radio. This time we’re investigating the comic book world of James Bond with our interview with Alan J. Porter, author of ‘James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007.’

Along with that we talk about our recent viewing of Kingsman: The Secret Service, discuss the recent tweet Sir Roger Moore sent us and talk over a huge amount of SPECTRE news and speculation.

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  • David Diabolik

    I love the James Bond comic strips. As Alan said, it’s the perfect bridge between the cinematic and literary Bond. Great stuff, gentleman. Perfect subject.

    • Chris Wright

      HI David,

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast and the interview! 🙂

  • Jack Lugo

    Brilliant interview with Alan J. Porter. There was so much stuff he covered that I didn’t know even though I was aware of the Daily Express comic strips. I picked up volume 1 of the Titan omnibus recently but haven’t had a chance to look at it closely. Great stuff, guys!

  • Graham Rye

    “…Alan J. Porter is the authority on the illustrated James Bond…” – you must be
    joking! The “Italian ‘Goldfinger’ poster” on the wall behind him by the way, is
    in fact Danish! And anyone who reproduces the name Oddjob as Odd Job in their book is about as much an expert as Truman Capote was a heavyweight boxer!

    Prior to 1982 there had been nothing written and researched in detail about the James Bond Daily Express comic strips, and no features published relating to James Bond in the illustrated form until my article first appeared in the 1982
    edition of the publication ‘007’ (issue #10), which I then expanded and updated
    in 1988 (issue #17) and again in 1998 (issue #34), and from where most everything you’ve ever read on this particular strata of the subject matter has been lifted from and plagiarised, even down to images lifted directly from the pages of 007 MAGAZINE e.g. the illustration commissioned by Ian Fleming and supplied to the Express artist John McLusky (unseen in the public domain until
    reproduced for the first time in 007 issue #10); the 1964 Daily Express poster
    first reproduced in 007 #10 – and reproduced for the first time in colour in
    007 MAGAZINE #34. Both these images appear in Alan J. Porter’s book ‘James
    Bond: the illustrated history of 007’, without any form of acknowledgement or credit from where they were originally appeared. The 1964 Daily Express poster, lifted directly from 007 MAGAZINE #34 also found its way into the rather misleadingly titled official book ‘The Art of Bond’ (2006) by Laurent Bouzereau [with perfunctory picture captions by Lee Pfeiffer & Dave Worrall], again without any acknowledgment to its original source.

    I love the way Porter throws around the ‘royal we’ in this interview every time he
    mentions The Ian Fleming Foundation, “..of which I’m a member,” as though by
    inference and association it makes him sound far more important than he is – The IFF, the joke organisation that created itself from nothing to be nothing more than a repository for thrown away Bond vehicles and a non-profit glee club for a group of individuals with nothing better to do with their time than renovate the foundation’s vehicles at their expense.

  • Paul Coulthard

    Fascinating topic this week! Not something I’ve ever paid much attention to (before now anyway). You’ve opened my eyes to another world of Bond.

    And thanks for the twitter mention, fellas.

  • Baldwin Collins

    hi chris & tom
    just been reading the interview by author alan j. porter over on ‘the spy command’
    he gave a great insight into the world of bond in his opinion. and his soon to be
    published book titled ‘the james bond lexicon’ authored by he and his wife
    and also his up-coming book ‘lexicon affair about u.n.c.l.e.
    which they are in encyclopedia style references.
    you guy’s should check it out on this blog at the ian fleming’s page

  • Thomas Colina

    Please Have Timothy Dalton As Your Guest Tom And Chris. Timothy Dalton And Daniel Craig Are Both Ian Fleming’s James Bond! Thomas Colina.

  • Ray Lyman

    The Swiss banker in Geneva was located in Bilbao, Spain. The geographic location is shown at the beginning of the sequence and is Bilbao in the novelization of The World is Not Enough by Raymond Benson.