Countdown To Bond 25 Release Date


…to go.

Let the speculation commence!

  • David Williams

    Finally some concrete news! */lo-

  • Dennis James Hardin

    We were well overdue for some official news. A bit disappointed (though not surprised) we have another long gap. I just hope four years doesn’t become the norm.

  • Ralf Lewandowski

    …and counting!

    (Read that in the voice of one of the DAF Spectre Minions on the oil platform.)

  • Scott Cranidge

    New James Bond movie ‘Shatterhand’ will see 007 battling blind supervillain in Croatia

  • Mr Danger

    Guys! We would also need a count down for when we can hear the Die Another Day review, with Tom trying to say something positive about it! That’s going to be more fun than Bond 25!

  • David Williams

    Daniel Craig now confirmed, from his own mouth of the US tonight show ! The JBR guys were spot on of course. Was sort of hoping for a change over to Aidan Turner as Danny C is kind of pushing it with his age. Hopefully no long hiatus after Bond 25 and AT takes over then..