Diamonds Are Forever Review | Podcast #025

This week we’re saying goodbye to Sean Connery’s Bond with our review of Diamonds Are Forever. We go scene by scene and discuss everything from Sean’s wobbly leg in the gunbarrell to Mr. Wint’s eye watering demise.

Alongside the film review, we’ve got listener quotes, the answer to our last episode’s Fawlty Towers/Bond trivia question, discussion about what a Christopher Nolan directed Bond might be like and an intriguing new listener question about a movie written by Ian Fleming that we never knew existed!


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  • Jack Lugo

    Great job guys. I sent you a speakpipe message as well as an email with info about my trivia question. Keep up the good work! My friday commutes are a lot better when I have a new episode to listen to.

  • Billy Bumbags

    the letter “U” is for Umbrella, we take it lest it rain, we hope we shan’t want it till we’re home again

  • Tylord Stevenson

    That elevator you guys were in could have been the same elevator from the movie. Sean and Peter Franks are both huge men and probably made the lift look small. The guy who played Peter Franks was a heavyweight wrestling champion in Europe.

    • Tylord Stevenson

      …Not saying you two are shrimps.

  • olufsphere

    Regarding the “how did they get the diamonds out and clean so fast” question: Diamonds are very hard to destroy. In the funeral parlor, they cremate the body of Mr. Franks, containing the diamonds. After cremation, the diamonds would be unscathed and easily separated from the ashes of the burnt body and casket.

    Q probably wouldn’t be “smuggling” the diamonds, as he would likely be able to travel with some sort of immunity. Bond, however, pretending to be Mr. Franks himself, did not have that option.

  • Stm007

    What about “Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus” and Francisco Scaramanga’s origins (it is mentioned he was born in a travelling circus — father a ring master too)?