The First Official Footage From SPECTRE!

Here it is…the very first official footage from the set of SPECTRE.

So what do we think of Daniel’s new ski weather outfit? Does it rival Roger’s amazing banana yellow ensemble? Does it beat George’s marvellous blue suit and white shades combo?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below…

And here’s the latest still shot of Daniel as James Bond 007…


  • Jack Lugo

    Are those shades or goggles? It’s hard to tell from the photo but I’m guessing they are goggles. So far, what they’ve shown appears very reminiscent of OHMSS. It’s hard not to think of OHMSS with the setting in the mountains. I love the fact that they just released the film just after I’ve finished reading Fleming’s OHMSS novel.

    • Patrick Mulready

      I was just thinking how this evoked a certain OHMSS vibe as I looked at the setting. This is definitely a good thing!

    • I think they’re shades with some kind of attached on them. All I know is I want a pair 🙂

  • Jeff Silence

    Man, if the Austria footage for the behind the scenes looks this awesome, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the final film.