For Your Eyes Only Review (Part 2) | Podcast #096

JBR returns this week to conclude our review of Sir Roger Moores’ 5th Bond outing, For Your Eyes Only. Picking up where we left off just after the death of Ferrara we discuss Roger’s darkest moment with the cold blooded killing of Locke, we look at Bond’s latest ally, Columbo and we talk about one of the most memorable climbing sequences ever.

Not only are we balls deep in For Your Eyes Only this week, we also crown the ultimate winner of the Bond Celebrity Deathmatch tournament. Don’t miss this week’s episode of James Bond Radio.

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  • Baldwin Collins

    mark strong would’ve been a perfect blofield. who knows probably in
    the future.

  • GerardoValero

    I do believe that the movie cheats a bit by making Colombo’s pistachos sound like Rice Krispies when Kristatos’ men step on them.
    My main complaint about FYEO is the ending. A few years before it came out I remmember watching another movie called SKY RIDERS. It had to do with the rescue of some hostages on the very same St. Cyrils location in Greece using gliders. Their logic is that if they were to climb the peak, the kidnappers would easily detect them, a fact that FYEO conviniently ignored (You can find the trailer on Youtube).

  • Stu Bell

    Listening now. Another fine episode gentlemen. Some thoughts…

    Definitely would go for the watch over the suit, every time.

    Bunky was Paul Brooke, who you will have seen in Return of the Jedi as the dude in Jabba’s palace who keeps the Rancor monster (and cries when Luke kills it).

    Speaking of Star Wars, your man Apostis (Jack Klaff) was Red 4 in the Death Star attack in the first one.

    “ATAC to St. Cyril’s” – Chris, mate, that was a fricking Dalek impression you did there 🙂

    Overall glad to hear the film getting some proper love. It’s the first one I saw, and still my second fave after FRWL (I can forgive that goofy PTS). That climb to the monastery at the end is probably my choice for your favourite scene question.

    Great stuff as ever. Thanks.

  • Langford

    Good work once again. My own tastes run to realism over fantasy so FYEO is a rediscovered gem. I didn’t think ANYONE else on the planet would connect Santos (actor Alkis Kritikos) with John McEnroe, but that’s one of the few things I remembered about this movie from the last time I saw it in the theater 30+ years ago! Now that I’ve watched it again, it definitely moves up my list. Cheers!

  • Scott Cranidge

    And Then There Were None has 3 Bond alumni present. Charles Dance played Ian Fleming in 1989’s T.V. movie Goldeneye as well as being on the Bond shortlist for over a decade. Toby Stephens played Graves in DAD and is the voice of Bond in the BBC 4 Radio series. Finally Sam Neill who had been on the short list and was in the final top 3 behind Dalton and Brosnan for TLD. I don’t know how many movies there are with 2 or 3 actors from the Bond world, but it happens quite a bit. And if Aidan Turner were to nick the role after Craig he would make 4.

  • Scott Cranidge

    Aidan Turner does look like Dalton. And he’s only 32.

    • olufsphere

      LOL … I thought he was _really_ short (bloody Hobbit-movies), but he’s a full inch taller than Danny boy. Can’t believe a thing you see these days! 😀

  • olufsphere

    Oh … not allowed to post links to images, perhaps? In that case, I apologize!