Gloria Hendry Interview + Mi6 Mailbag #4 | Podcast #109

Big shout out to JBR roving reporter Matthew Chernov this week for bagging a brief on-the-spot interview with the one and only Gloria Hendry aka Rosie Carver! We’ll hear all about her recent jazz tribute to the music of Bond and a whole lot more.

Also we finally get around the the 4th instalment of our Mi6 Mailbag series where you the listener pose your questions to the JBR crew. We’ve got some doozies for you this week, so be sure to tune in to episode #109 of James Bond Radio.

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  • GerardoValero

    I’m fairly certain that last week’s GUESS THE MUSIC Q belongs to end of “Die another day” and not to the desert scene in “Quantum of Solace”. The entry for this week is obviously from the tarantula sequence in “Dr. No”
    “You were just in time, things were about to get nasty” is uttered by Timmy D to Sanchez in “License to Kill”, regarding the sequence where the latter rescues him from the Chinese.
    The character who utters the line regarding the JB initials on the coffin is Madame LaPorte.
    And yes, tomorrow (October 29th.) the first real Day of Death Parade will take place here in Mexico City (God help us!) though I doubt it will include an out of control helicopter (God help us!).

    • James Bond Radio

      Hi Gerardo, you were spot on with all of your answers, but last week’s Guess the Music Q was indeed from the desert scene at the end of Quantum of Solace. Have a watch and you’ll hear it for sure! Thanks for listening 🙂

      • GerardoValero

        You are correct. That tune is indeed from the “Quantum of Solace” desert sequence. I also checked my “Die another Die” DVD and it turns out that David Arnold makes use of a variation of the same tune in the later part of the movie (specifically when Gustav Graves climbs aboard his plane and utters the sentence “time to give the American her bath”).
        Many thanks!

  • rahatul alam

    I cant wait for listener questions, just listened to the music episode and that was really good. It is crazy that I am taking a class right now where we are studying CR. Later podcast I will give you guys some notes that I received about the film and what the teacher talked about in class. Maybe for a CR episode which will be a long time. I have to read the continuation novels, i have Carte Blanche and no deals Mr Bond. Mentioned Gloria Hendrey is the first black bond girl in a black exploitation film. Which is very cool, will we have a live and let die in todays era, all black cast would be cool or any ethnicity. Please read my summary On Fast and Furious: LTK on this youtube video comment section . I wold love to i want to go back to the mafia bad guys, I would love revamp, is a view to a kill villain Max Zorin played by Billy Zane, he would also be be another blowfeld. It would do what Jason Bourne did with social media and a mafia organization taking charge of it runned by Max Zorin. Danny posters are pretty bad, i agree with you guys. Go back to the Roger Moore posters and Timothy run of posters. Favorite poster would be The Living daylights and OP. Adam wouldnt be one, he is the pinnacle bond like batman, he should be known as Batman, it wouldnt work. Members of creative queen is everyone taking part in a bond film, best answer ever. Favorite film with a Q scene is Goldeneye, Honorable mentions: GF, LTK, OP, Tomorrow Never Dies, The world is not enough, SPECTRE. George had the DB5, Wacky Racers is a good game, Im doing Fast and Furious mixed with Bond. So check those out. I agree with all you guys. TND chase is good, QOS is good, DN is good, FYEO is a good chase, and GE chase is my top chase. TSWLM is pretty good. How about TB scene when Conenry used it to cover the bullets from. James Bond tv series, there should not be one, their can be a felix Leiter series. But not bond until there not making bond anymore. They did one with Climax CR, which I can see possible. But I wouldnt have one with Bond. I would agree after they are not making any more movies, the same with jason Bourne should be a show adapted from the books. Bonds life is honorable mentions is war like, but the missions he had with M, that was never shown in the bond movies. Rank of Commander, how those two 00 kills in the novel CR played out on film. LTK and Quantum of Solace, TND, TWINE, YOLT, AVTAK, MR. My favorite one they should check out is LTK, it inspired the last dark knight film, and the whole death scene that you see in fast seven and so on. LTK for me, my favorite one. LTK is pinnacle revenge film and darker, first serious bond. Bond girls of precise Boobage, a documentary coming out hopefully. Pool table is LTK, GF and TWINE. LALD I forgot. Does DAD have one?, GTQ round I will try my answer is im not sure for that one. LALD cool. Guys check out Pod, James Pod podcast really funny in the day and life of two friends who goes apart after a film, then they play trivia pursuit, has a dog that is pivotal Alabama Dog is like watching a bond fan soap opera. Really funny and cool check it out. I was thinking VJ too. Bond Girls Fight!: Rosie Carver for me, she did fight Moore really hard. Thanks cool episode.

  • rahatul alam

    Billy Zane revamping two characters Ernst Stravo Blofeld or Max Zorin JR. what do you reckon?