Goldeneye: Matthew Parker Interview / Podcast #019

It’s time to learn all about Jamaica and it’s influence on Ian Fleming and James Bond. On today’s show we’re joined by Matthew Parker, the author of “Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born: Ian Fleming’s Jamaica.”

We hear all about how Jamaica was THE place to be in the 1950s, it’s hedonistic party scene, and some intruiging thoughts on how pirates were a big influence on Fleming.

The book comes out on Thursday August 13th, so be sure to grab your copy.


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  • olufsphere

    Don’t know if it’s the common interest, the shared enthusiasm or whatever, but these “VIP” interviews are utterly brilliant. You are amazing at making the interviewees share their nuggets in a really comfortable environment.

    It doesn’t become sales plugs, but genuine sharing of their own enthusiasm. Brilliant!