The Henchmen of Bond | Podcast #024

In light of the recent passings of iconic Bond henchmen Richard Kiel, Gottfried John and Geoffrey Holder, we’re back with our tribute episode to The Henchmen of Bond. We go right back to where it all started with Dr. No, go all the way through to Skyfall and even look at the recent revelations about Dave Bautista and Bond 24.

Also hear an awesome listener story involving a chance meeting with Pierce Brosnan, some great listener submitted trivia and all the usual Bond fun and frolics!


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  • Jack Lugo

    Great timing on this one. I think the Bond films with memorable henchmen definitely standout in the series. Saving the femme fatales for a separate episode is probably a good idea, but with Dr. No I sort of consider Miss Taro more a hench woman than a femme fatale, but I suppose you can argue either way. Great job as always guys. I still have the 2nd half to listen to so I’m looking forward to my ride home from work.

  • Baldwin Collins

    even though the late geoffrey holder’s character baron samedi was considered a henchman. i still believe the character tee hee the henchman with the mechanical arm was more impressive. respect to holder still

  • Charlie Hunt

    The music cue was from QOS when Bond and Camille were walking through the desert

    • jamesbondradio

      Bosh! You got it in one 🙂

      • Charlie Hunt

        I think the opera scene in this film is one of the best in the whole series. Shame it gets overlooked as the film’s a bit of a mess!