James Bond News: Tom “Meets” Famke Janssen, Christopher Lee RIP & Damian Lewis as Bond | Podcast #41

It’s time for a freshen up at James Bond Radio! After 40 episodes we thought it was high time to mix things up a little bit, so James Bond Radio has a very special announcement for you in today’s episode.

We’ll be messing with the format a little bit by running a regular “Bond News” episode, an “Mi6 Mailbag” episode where we respond to all the listener messages, special “Spotlight” episodes where we go deep on very specific areas of Bond and of course we’ll be continuing with the usual round of interviews, film reviews and discussion.

This week we’re talking James Bond News: Tom “Meets” Famke Janssen, Christopher Lee RIP, The Bond Distributor Bidding War, Damian Lewis as Bond and the latest new about SPECTRE.

Enjoy 🙂

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  • Joe Allen

    The Spy Who Loved Me doc is probably the greatest behind the scenes Bond documentary ever made. Could do a podcast on that alone. BBC did a similar behind the scenes look at GoldenEye (and I think TND) as part of their Film Education series, though it was much shorter than the Spy doc.

  • olufsphere

    Laughing at Tom’s Famke Janssen “meetup”.

    Tom, mate. Next time you stroll up to her as with a purpose and casually go “Ms. Janssen. I’m Tom Sears from the world renowned James Bond Radio podcast. We would love to have you on the show and talk about your experiences on Goldeneye. May I call your agent?” Surely she will almost swoon and happily jot down her home phone# in your slightly sweaty, trembling palm. After all, meeting a host from JBR isn’t something she does every day, now is it!! 😉

  • olufsphere

    Additional info. The .25 Beretta 418 is 6.35mm, so Chris was very close.