James Bond Radio 1st Birthday Fancast Celebration | Podcast #032

It’s James Bond Radio’s First Birthday!

To celebrate we’ll be engaging in a spot of Bondian banter with 6 of our most dedicated listeners! We’ll be talking all about what Bond means to them, sharing Bond stories and…well…whatever areas of Bondism they want to talk about.

Guest include: Van Allen Plexico (USA), James Dutton (UK), John Williams (USA), Josh Trett (UK), Ralf Lewandowski (Germany) and Antoinette Miceli (Canada).

Get ready for a different kind of James Bond Radio episode this week guys. This is something we’ve never done before so it’s new territory. A Bond podcast by the fans, for the fans!

We also talk about our new Bond news blog correspondent, Linda Zhu who’ll be keeping us all up to date on the latest goings on with 007. We talk over a significant number of SPECTRE developments (with an air-tight spoiler warning system obviously) and plenty more.

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  • Jack Lugo

    Great episode, guys! Nice touch at the end with Tom performing “All Time High.” I wonder if we will get a performance of next week’s “Complete the Lyric” song.

  • Colin Peters

    Happy one year, guys! It has been a great one year full of so many good moments and I can’t wait for what’s in store this year!

    • Thanks Colin, we’re excited for what’s ahead too (Some great interviews lined up)!

  • baldwin collins

    congratulations guy’s on this first milestone
    you’re programne is very entertaining happy anniversary and many
    more year’s in the future. nobody does it better.

  • baldwin collins

    I like you comment about bond fan’s not really knowing any other
    bond fan’s out there. when I became a fan about 40 year’s ago in school
    you would’ov been considered weirdo or strange if you said you was
    a bond fan. I told my friends that the bond movies will grow from strength to strength. in the future. they said the movies would never survive the ever
    changing world of action movies. I wonder what they are saying in
    today’s world ?

  • Costa B

    Loved this episode and great idea to talk with the fandom out there (it’s not about the Boba Fetts and the Star Trekkers anymore, lol). Man oh man, I hope to one day be interviewed by you guys too. As always, keep up the awesome work!

  • Paul Coulthard

    Happy anniversary guys!

    That was an awesome podcast. Some really interesting people and stories. Great idea.

    I just wanna say that I agree with your comments about having a place to vent all my bondness every fortnight. Pretty much no-one in my life likes JB so when you guys came along it was ace. And then over the months an amazing little community has sprung up around your podcast and I’m finding even more love for Bond than I ever thought I could have. And I don’t have to keep it inside.

    Also, like you were discussing, I agree that 13yrs old is definitely an important Bond film marker…. but mine was Die Another Day. Bad times.

    Anyhow. As always, thanks for the company and thanks for the T-shirt (hopefully you get to 50 so I can get one!).

    Me reckons we’re a big step closer to getting Sir Rog on JBR now too!

    • Chris Wright

      Cheers Paul! Some very kind words there!

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the podcasts so much and we’re both keeping our fingers crossed that one day we’ll get a Bond actor on for an interview… Sir Rog would be immense! 🙂