JBR 2nd Birthday Fancast | Podcast #094

It’s 2016 and James Bond Radio is back with a kiss kiss bang bang!

To celebrate, we’ve invited 5 of our listeners onto the show to talk all things Bond. We have Canada’s James Bond Expert, Murray Gillespie. From Essex, we have Roger Moore’s biggest fan, Simon Uskuri. All the way from Florida we have Jeff Pollock. From Northern Ireland we have Tom Barwick and finally from the Washington DC area, we have The Bantering Boh himself, Brian Thomas.

We also see the return of Bond Celebrity Deathmatch with a killer semi-final matchup and all your favourite Bond games, including a brand new round of ‘Tommy Trivia.’

Don’t miss it!

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  • Stephen Wadsworth

    So good to have some JBRage back! Great interviews which triggered a few thoughts for me.

    It really is so predictable to say that Majesty’s and Casino (in whatever order) are your favourite two Bond films. They’re my top two but I wish I could throw in a curveball – it’s like saying The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are your favourite bands. Anyway – back to the films – they are of course both exceptional. One of the reasons, I’ve come to think, is that both put their total faith in the Fleming story. With Majesty’s, they obviously had a total unknown in the lead role and, though a fine and experienced actress, Diana Rigg was not a movie star. Then there was a first time director and Louis Armstrong singing the signature song was somebody who in 1969 would only have attracted an older crowd. Similarly for Casino they didn’t cast a superstar actor as the new Bond, nor was any of the supporting cast made up of any ‘name’ actors and you’d have thought that they could have got a bigger name in music than Chris Cornell to do that theme song. Yet it all works fantastically in both movies because everything hangs on these solid-as-a-rock stories.

    And The Living Daylights, as per Jeff’s choice for number 1 movie, grows on me more each year. I’ve always loved it – it was the film on cinema release when I became a Bond fan – but it’s definitely creeping into the ‘great’ category for me. I expect that SPECTRE will drift up my list over the years too.

    Like Simon, I like to root for the underdog and so I give my vote to Pierce (the GoldenEye Pierce) as the best Bond. When Pierce was cast I remember it being said that he had the best qualities of Sean and Roger and at his best he certainly does. I think it’s interesting that in his first two films, Pierce plays the part more leaning towards Sean (throwing away the quips), whereas I think he plays the quips harder in his final two films, a la Roger. In contrast to Majesty’s and Casino, after GoldenEye the producers seemed to put no faith in their screenplays for the rest of Pierce’s tenure and so – as has been said on the podcasts before – they seemed to rely on casting a lot of flavour-of-the-month actresses, along with the plain bizarre choices of that era (such as Goldie). Poor writing and direction let Pierce down after Goldeneye. If only he’d have had Martin Campbell as his director for all of his four films.

    Good to have you back, lads!

    • Well said, Stephen. It’s good to hear someone giving Pierce the thumbs up. He gets too much flack these days 🙂

  • Scott Cranidge

    …The Man With The Golden Gun…lol…Fire!…lol

  • Shameer Ravji

    Great podcast guys and my guess for the quote is You Only Live Twice just after the title sequence when Bond’s body is sinking towards the bottom of the sea.

  • GerardoValero

    Totally agree with Tom’s comment that the only real problem with “Spectre” was that some people just felt it was time to take it on Bond (more or less in these words). A film critic friend of mind went as far as to put it well below “A View to a Kill” in his rankins.
    I don’t think this is all that relevant though, if there is one subject that most everybody that frequents this site handles, well, that is obviously Bond movies so if we liked it, it most be for a reason!.

  • olufsphere

    Interesting point on the “third movie taking it up a notch”. Never really thought of that. Of course, it doesn’t really apply to Pierce, does it? In my opinion, Pierces best Bond is Goldeneye.
    But it would have been enormously interesting to see Timmy as Bond in Goldeneye (as his third movie).

  • olufsphere

    On the Oddjob v Jaws fight …

    Oddjob throws his hat at Dolly, but Jaws blocks it. The edge of the had must be doll, since while it does decapitate the statue, it does not decapitate Tilly (who by the way is much underrated in comparison with Jill and Pussy). Jaws mercilessly takes his teeth to Oddjob’s hat, biting it to pieces (insert “I’ll eat my old hat” style one-liner). Thus disarmed, Oddjob has only his physique to trust, and while that is formidable compared to normal opponents, Jaws is at least his equal when it comes to resilience. Jaws is taller and has longer reach, and since none of them can be considered “nimble”, odds are in Jaws’ favor, and though it will be quite a fight between titans, the last bite will be Jaws’!

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    I’m not on Facebook, so wondered if I could offer my thoughts on the clash of the giants, Oddjob and Jaws. Oddjob wins for me, based on the hand-to-hand combat between these two and Bond in their respective movies. Leaving aside the hoist-by-their-own-petard moments for each, involving Oddjob’s hat and Jaws’ teeth, Bond does not cause Oddjob even the slightest bit of trouble in their fight. Yet Bond does, albeit only momentarily, get the upper hand a couple of times in the fights with Jaws – with a kick to the arse/bollocks in the final fight of Spy…., and with a headbutt on the cable car in Moonraker. Now those moments between Jaws and Bond don’t ring true at all (especially the headbutt) and are thanks really to sloppy writing/direction, but they are the only evidence we have. So I’m thinking that if Bond can temporarily subdue Jaws then Oddjob can do some serious damage in those moments. And if, via some henchmen interpreter, they choose to settle their differences over a game of golf then Jaws is absolutely fucked.

    • buscando

      Nice analysis. My memory’s fuzzy, did Bond ever try an arse/bollock kick or a headbutt on Oddjob?

      • Stephen Wadsworth

        No kicks up the arse from Sean, my friend. Very much trademark Roger that move. No hesdbutt on Oddjob either. As far as I recall the one and only Sean headbutt is in the first scene of Never Say Never Again. No, Bond’s attacks on Oddjob were mainly with some kind of makeshift weapon – the gold bars, some kind of metallic handle and a large wooden pole. He did try jumping at Oddjob from a distance,, presumably thinking that his larger physical size (or height at least) would floor Oddjob. All to no avail. The first out-and-out arse-kicking (figuratively) that Bond took in the film series, I think.

        • buscando

          You’re reminding me now why Oddjob is so popular. He was so solid he just smiled as those things just bounced off him. (What the hell Was that long handle? It looked like a boat paddle?) Bond wisely stayed away from the reach of those golf ball crushing hands for the most part. Oddjob really raised the brute strength level several notches from Red Grant.

          Interesting that you mention Never Say Never Again. I like that clinic fight too, a big ruckus & a lot of fun, even with that weird/funny ending with the urine sample. Did you know that nameless henchman was played by the same guy that was beating up Indiana Jones as the airplane wheels moved all around them?

  • stbell75

    Enjoyed this very much chaps, thanks to you and all your guests.

    One thing which occurs to me with regards to Jeff’s planned trip over, I really hate to put a potential downer on things but there’s a little film called Star Wars Episode VIII in production at Pinewood all through this year so I don’t know what the level of access will be to the main studio (at least until the second one over the road is completed) and if the tour he mentions can run with everything advertised. At Bondstars last year big sections of it were out of bounds (photography wasn’t even allowed outdoors), the 007 stage itself was closed to the public etc. The gardens and house were open though. Just something to bear in mind as from what it says on their website they’re asking a wedge of paper for a day out. I hope the tour is running in full – if not I’m sure a few of us Londoner JBRers would be happy to hang out and show off the obvious ones… 🙂

  • buscando

    Louis Jordan saying “Okh-to-pusee… Okh-to-pusee…” is priceless. I suppose that makes him a runner up to Drax, who’s my favorite villain just because he’s so still, emotionless, & has the weirdest lines & delivery. “James Bond. You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season…” “May I press you to a cucumber sandwich?”

  • buscando

    I don’t need no stinkin rows Chris! haha Confidence! 3:22:25

  • buscando

    3:23:10 In what city does Silva disguise himself as a policeman? After Tom’s The Man With The Golden Gun answers I thought he was gonna say Skyfall haha I luvit.