JBR meet up with a Bond film to boot… get your votes in!

Quite a few of you have been asking about the next JBR meet up so we thought we’d put it to a vote. The Prince Charles cinema is doing another season of 007 retrospective showing all the Bond films that we know and love… something not to be missed if you haven’t seen them on the big screen before! Check it out here…

James Bond at the Prince Charles Cinema

There are a few dates that we’re unable to make so we’ve added a few of the dates we can attend onto a poll. It’s possible we might be able to get a couple of meet ups going so we’ve left the latter films for another poll nearer the time as people will probably have a better idea of whether they’re able to attend those nearer the time.
If you’re interested in attending just click on whatever film(s) /date(s) are best for you. You can select multiple films so after the vote is closed in ten days or so, we’ll tally up the results and whatever film has the most votes, we’ll go and see and have a meet up drinks/food before and after too.

Here’s the link:

Look forward to seeing you there! 🙂



  • Simon Firth

    41 votes in three hours! Fair play chaps.

  • Kyle Mayberry

    The wife and I were planning a trip to London sometime in 2016 already. Fingers crossed it’ll line up with a JBR meet up!

  • Langford

    Wish I could come across the pond and be there. Alas… Enjoy!!

  • Thomas Barwick

    It’s a shame that Die Another Day isn’t an option 🙁