JBR’s 3rd Birthday Bonanza! | James Bond Radio Podcast #117

James Bond Radio is 3 years old!

To celebrate we’re continuing our birthday tradition of inviting 5 of our listeners to join us on the show. This year we’re talking Bond with Andy Dermott from Dublin, Logan Morford from Kentucky (USA), Steve Spring from Northampton (UK) Brian Quast from Illinois (USA) and Tom Ryan also from Dublin.

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  • Brian Quast

    1) Happy 3rd Anniversary!
    2) Great show, gentlemen.
    3) Thanks for having me as a guest.
    4) It’s now confirmed: I have a face for radio & a voice for silence.
    5) Thanks again. Cheers!! 😎

    • Steve Spring

      Same! Do I really sound like that lol

      • James Bond Radio

        Haha… exactly how we felt when we first heard ourselves! You were both made for radio! 🙂 Cheers Steve!

    • James Bond Radio

      Haha! It was a great interview Brian! Congrats and cheers for coming on board! 🙂

  • Dennis James Hardin

    Happy third birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James Bond Radio

      Thanks Dennis! 🙂

  • Tom Ryan

    Great show. So happy to have been a part of it! Keep up the amazing work!

    • James Bond Radio

      Great to have you on board Tom! Really enjoyed the interview… your mission is to now get Walken to star in one of your films! 😉

  • Ralf Lewandowski

    Happy Birthday, JBR! Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years! Doesn’t time fly? 😉

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Ralf, it seriously has flown by! looking forward to plenty more though! 🙂

  • Mr Danger

    Thank you guys for all the work you do! These podcasts are super! And one great thing is that they are so long. It wouldn’t be the same if they were half an hour long podcasts… Great job! Congratulations and greetings from Finland!

    • James Bond Radio

      Thanks Mr Danger (great name!) Hopefully we can keep it going for another 3 years! Hello to everyone in Finland!

  • Three years old! You’ll be catching me up soon. Then it’ll be off to big school and long trousers.
    It all seems to have flown by very quickly even if the episodes are nearly 4 hours long. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Well done, men! 👍🏻🎂🥂

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Agent Gale! We’ll have to make sure we don’t forget our packed lunches too! 🙂

  • rahatul alam

    new helicopter nice! Noamie Harris was so good in moonlight i forgot she was money penny only shoot the movie in 3 days during her spectre premeres so it was crazy. lesbian love affair with vesper and strawberry fields this was before casino royale, i cant wait to see this movie, I watched the hospital starring Diana Rigg and she was phenomenal just like noamie harris in moonlight. She gets rapped in the movie, out of no where, and i would have done the same thing as the actor playing along her, i was big fans with her in the avengers, and cant wait to watch more movies she is in. She is a great actress. Whats the name of andy mcnail book? We did talk about those things about Bond in my film class, where Bond is such a feminist, and he doesnt think alot cold blooded. I was watching LALALA land, and they mentioned Hoagy Charmicheal who was ian fleming first choice which is very fun. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a378abe833601462aa8e5dd6678598249e02d6850eef0c9e24298ee9e848d749.jpg

  • rahatul alam

    to be honest daniel craig has so many worst films, to be honest spectre and quantum of solace, brosnan only had one, but it is opinion based. I just wished they took part on the short story of quantum of solace that ian fleming wrote about. Please read my summary on utube comment of this video. Tom Ford will be directing and do those suits. Are you kidding me, he has to be the next director. See his two films Nocturnal Animals or The Single Man and let me know if he is able, from my POV he seems like the Nolan type, and it has to be done, since he worked on the suits on the other craig films. camera man meet christopher wlaken is pretty cool. the news reporter were in both films. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/acd3b97681247310f8f5cdec57580296a833215095cfacb020ecad224a73911d.jpg

  • Terry Adlam

    Hi ya Lads, Happy Birthday! What a great podcast and with some truly excellent guests. I’m thinking that Andy is of a similar age to me and I spent the most of his spot nodding and smiling in agreement and thinking, ‘That’s exactly what I would have said!’ and ‘Yeah, I remember seeing and doing that!” Great stuff, Andy, power to us who were there when Connery was Bond!

    • Andy Dermott

      Thanks Terry. I appreciate that… Agreed. All power to us! We are the lads that say “Never Say Never Again!”

      • Terry Adlam