John Glen Interview | Podcast #125

This week we welcome Bond legend and member of 007 royalty: John Glen. We talk about his time working on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Then we cover his stint as the longest serving Bond director of all time from 1981’s For Your Eyes Only through to 1989’s Licence To Kill.

John tells some fascinating stories in an interview that’s sure to go down as an all-time classic episode of JBR.

Interview Begins At 45:40.

Note: This interview was recorded before the passing of Sir Roger Moore and before Daniel’s recent announcement confirming his return for Bond 25.

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  • rahatul alam

    i know that icebreaker is a die hard lknock off but has some bond elelments in there. its a movie made in the year 2000, i could picture hanz oberhauser being the ski instructor who takes over the place, and james bond being the protagonist, it is not like the non cannon book icebreaker by james gardener, which is very different. I also saw the 1992 movie fifty/fifty which is an action comedy and it reminds me of goldeneye alot, what do you think check it off yourself. James Spader character James Nader in the new new kids hairstyle Bond villain roaul silva. I’m watching Christopher lee movies starting from the top and his first two films were directed by Terrance young who did the early bond films, lee could be our first bond I buy it just watch the movie penny and the powerful case. It’s crazy that he is the nephew of Ian Fleming and u can see that in his movie reminds me of a young pierce brosnan which they did a movie on death train together. I saw Sherlock Holmes in New York and I can see roger Moore doing an adaptation of 007 in New York, anyways this is a pretty cool movie somewhat equivalent to Robert Downey jr ones. This movie makes me like VTAK more, because they are there too. The man who haunts himself was also a great movie and book adaption. Yes YOLT adaptation i am there, yes so good. Cats eye is a movie based on night shift short stories of Stephan king not bond related in any way, but the name of the title has a song also used very weirdly, goldeneye is used so well that inspired gods eye in the fast and furious franchise, eagle eye was used good in the movie, cats eye is depicted in every event when a cat sees something, what are some movies that has eyes in the title but makes no sense. Spectre movie wasnt bad, it would have to finsihed in another movie for the storyline, and i like the fact they were linked together but they didnt do that good. im a big fan of Steven Siegel, i have to watch more of his movies. Action star Steven Siegel worked as a stunt coordinator for both bond movies which for both bond actors is their last for roger in actak and Connery nsna. I saw oddjob actor in william shattner movie impulse it was so crazy, he actually talks in that. They can make you only live once, I am currently reading alot of bond related books the november man series starting with there are no spies, the naked face that roger moore was in the movie adaptation, and babylon revisited which is adapted into roger moore first romantic film,I will post my plot of shatter hand in a separate comment. Im actually watching sopranos right now, so i cant wait for the ending a good show, its like goldfingers friends part of the mob had a show its about the mafia.

  • GerardoValero

    Did Sam Mendes and Daniel really bicker while filming SPECTRE. I truly doubt it. While at the Premiere of the Americas here in Mexico I filmed Daniel intro by Mendes and they seemed more than fine. I am aware this comment section does not take Youtube links but the said video can be viewed by typing the words “SPECTRE presentation in Mexico. November 2, 2015” in that pages search box.
    BTW I’m pretty sure the new quote “What made you change your mind?” is said by Sir Rog to Goodnight in TMWGG (her reply being “I’m weak”). Also, the new listener quote “Goodbye Mr…” is uttered by Timmy D. to. Milton Krest when he realizes there’s something fishy in the latter’s office floor in Licence to Kill. Finally, the new Guess the Music Q is played at the end of the sky chase scene in FEYO when Eric Kriegler throws his motorcycle at Rog’s Bond.
    Terrific interview. These mistery guests just keep getting better and better. Congrats!

    • James Bond Radio

      Thanks Gerardo and well done on the quiz questions!

  • Langford

    OK – re plot of next movie – the time is probably way past for this, but… I still love the idea of Bond having been brainwashed as part of the Spectre plot (from the point at which the drill was in his head, roughly), which explains the easy escape, shooting down the helo with a pistol, etc… could they then somehow work that into him being controlled into trying to kill M? Ok, this’ll be the last time for this idea, I promise.

    By the way, wonderful interview with Mr. Glen – great memories and anecdotes.

    And Bond Girl Battle – I was all set to go with Fiona because Vesper just couldn’t compete in a true fight. HOWEVER, your debate got me thinking that Vesper was able to deceive Bond for the entire film! Now, that is quite a feat. So, yes in a true battle Fiona, but in the power to change the history of the Bond universe, Vesper.

    Thanks for a(nother) terrific show, lads!
    Station A

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Langford, glad you enjoyed it. Who knows with B25? We’ve got over two years to come up with some pretty interesting story scenarios and the rumour mill is well into overdrive already!

  • “I didn’t think much of the one with the Ice Palace.”
    Just when I didn’t think I could love this man any more… what a great interview. Thanks, fellers!

    • James Bond Radio

      I know! What a true legend! And a very astute critic of the Bond films!

  • Scott Monthie

    Great interview. I wish we could have found out what a delicatessen in stainless steel means?

    • James Bond Radio

      Hi Scott,

      It was actually an idea of Cubby Broccoli’s and is meant to refer to New York mafia gangsters who used them as bribes. Probably lost on the rest of us though!

      • Scott Monthie

        THANKS! That has bothered me for years. I appreciate the response and all your hard work that goes with the podcast!

      • Scott Monthie

        Good to know. Thanks!!!!!!

  • Matt Newton

    Just caught up with the podcast – great listen as usual. I just wanted to respond to the Listener Trivia Question – there is actually a third Bond soundtrack which has a track called “Bond Smells A Rat”, namely “Never Say Never Again”.