Live & Let Die Reviewed | Podcast #030

It’s a brand new year and we’re kicking things off with a brand new Bond! The Connery/Lazenby era is over and we’re firmly in 70’s territory with Roger Moore’s first Bond: Live & Let Die.

Along with the usual SPECTRE chat, quotes and trivia, we go deep in an (almost) 3 hour LALD discussion. Does Roger match up to Sean and George? Does the new 70’s funk sound work? Is the film even any good? Find out in today’s episode of James Bond Radio.

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  • Paul Coulthard

    Another brilliant podcast. I really enjoyed watching LALD again too.

    I love the new ‘next lines’ round. I know it’s even more time for you guys to add on but the more, the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

    Thanks both.

    • Chris Wright

      Thanks Paul,

      Glad you enjoyed it! LALD rocks!

      Haha… at this rate they’re going to end up as 4 hour long marathons!!! 😉

  • Adam Beech

    Just started commenting, love the podcasts!

  • buscando

    That scrapped pre-titles sequence with the contact lenses that would give Bond info on his mission would later appear in a slightly different way in Mission Impossible 2. Tom Cruise is given his mission with a pair of eyeglasses! Also, they both happen in high places, the garden on top of a tall building, & the top of a mountain. Hmm I wonder if the MI-2 people knew about that scrapped scene.

    • Chris Wright

      Good point Buscando!!

      Either way I think the contact lens idea could still possibly be used in a future Bond!

  • Colten H.

    I am listening to this podcast on my drive home, and funnily enough the theme song to Live and Let Die just came on in the restaurant that I stopped to eat at.