You Only Live Twice Soundtrack Review | The Music of Bond Podcast #009

It’s time to talk the music of You Only Live Twice. This week we talk about the history of the score, discuss standout tunes and go track by track through the soundtrack.

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  • Dennis James Hardin

    Great podcast! Another treat to listen to. The YOLT soundtrack has been a personal favorite of mine since receiving the LP as a Christmas gift when I was a kid. I probably listened to that record hundreds of times.

  • What a fantastic podcast, guys! With Barry’s fourth full score, he just keeps getting better, and his scores will mature even further from here.

    Do you know why the gun barrel sounds really out there and why it’s disorienting? It’s because in a different key! You’re used to hearing it in E minor, but for You Only Live Twice it was done up half a step in F minor. F minor is not as commonly used, and it is known for having an uneasy sound. I think the only other gun barrel that isn’t in E minor is The Spy Who Loved Me, which I believe is in G minor. Though the orchestration here is also more brash, and there’s a xylophone giving it a harder sound than the softer-sounding vibraphone of before. Along with the acoustic guitar sound, I think the orchestration and different key was intented to give it a more Asian sound.

    The Lorraine Chandler song sounds more appropriate for a Bond parody than for James Bond. It’s a great, fun song, but it doesn’t sound sophisticated enough for Bond. I wonder if the song was submitted without being asked for, especially since by this time Barry was demanding full control over all of the film’s music and would have thrown a fit (or just walked away) if he couldn’t write the song. But maybe it was Saltzman’s call since he had a problem with Barry. The song Julie Rogers sang is a fantastic alternative, but you guys need to give John Barry and Leslie Bricusse more credit for it than the performer. I know in pop music the performer gets almost all the credit, but the performer for most of Barry’s Bond themes has very litle input into how the song actually turns out. The singer is brought in only to sing the part (this would change later). If you switched Julie Rogers and Nancy Sinatra, their respective songs wouldn’t seem much different with the other singer. Likewise, the people who wrote the song for Lorraine Chandler deserve a mention.

  • rahatul alam

    this was a good episode i am also going to give my part 2 of the new podcast of John Glen, I am reading screenplay of YOLT movie Roald Dahl tales of the unexpected, they are short stories i did it as a fan and he did work with ian and lee back in the day before they were writers some were actors, but his books are really well written and his short stories are pretty good, i mean he did create gremlins. I agree pierce in daylights was so good, or even octopussy or view to a kill. I put my own summary of a bond story called the undertakers wind, initial title from fleming for moonraker i think but that was his, the story is in the youtube comment of the new video interview with john glen.