The Living Daylights Listener Reviews | Podcast #124

It’s time for the JBR Family to speak once again! As the last entry in our coverage of The Living Daylights, our intrepid listeners get to take the microphone and voice their thoughts.

Not only that, we discuss all the recent Bond 25 news, including the newly revealed 2019 release date and a whole lot more.

Listener Reviews Begin At 56:00.

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  • Taren Capel

    Christ I love Timothy Dalton as Bond. My first Bond film I ever saw was Licence To Kill which I saw aged 9 in the US while I was there on holiday so I feel like he’s my Bond and I’m very protective of him.

    • James Bond Radio

      And a cracking Bond he is too! Nice one Taren! 🙂

    • Agreed, he’s the business. Blimey, 9 is a bit young for all that revenge and shaggy hair. But your support is welcome, he’s a good choice for your “my Bond”.

      Although technically, he’s my Bond. But we can share him. On weekends. 😁

      • Taren Capel

        I had liberal (small L) parents when it came to watching films. My dad showed me “The Terminator” when it was first shown on BBC 2 for example.

        Looking forward to the review of LTK. Salivating in fact.