The Living Daylights Listener Reviews | Podcast #124

It’s time for the JBR Family to speak once again! As the last entry in our coverage of The Living Daylights, our intrepid listeners get to take the microphone and voice their thoughts.

Not only that, we discuss all the recent Bond 25 news, including the newly revealed 2019 release date and a whole lot more.

Listener Reviews Begin At 56:00.

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  • Taren Capel

    Christ I love Timothy Dalton as Bond. My first Bond film I ever saw was Licence To Kill which I saw aged 9 in the US while I was there on holiday so I feel like he’s my Bond and I’m very protective of him.

    • James Bond Radio

      And a cracking Bond he is too! Nice one Taren! 🙂

    • Agreed, he’s the business. Blimey, 9 is a bit young for all that revenge and shaggy hair. But your support is welcome, he’s a good choice for your “my Bond”.

      Although technically, he’s my Bond. But we can share him. On weekends. 😁

      • Taren Capel

        I had liberal (small L) parents when it came to watching films. My dad showed me “The Terminator” when it was first shown on BBC 2 for example.

        Looking forward to the review of LTK. Salivating in fact.

  • Scott Monthie

    I have to admit I didn’t post a review because I’m not a huge fan of the Dalton era. I like Timothy as Bond. It’s his films that are usually a mixed bag for me. Parts of TLD are awesome. The pre-title sequence is great. I have a hard time taking a film seriously that has Joe Don Baker as the final villain that Bond has to defeat. I definitely keep an open mind every time I watch a Dalton Bond. I don’t ignore them. I really enjoyed hearing how much everyone enjoyed TLD. If I rank my Bond actors I always have Timothy last. Not because I think he was bad, but I wish he would have stayed longer and gave us a great performance as Bond. He needed a Goldfinger, The Spy Who Loved Me, or a Casino Royale and I don’t feel that his two films gave us a great Bond film. I’ll keep watching his films in hoping I like them more in the future.

  • olufsphere

    Danish TV are currently running a weekly Bond movie, and over the last 3 weekends have shown TLD, LTK and GE, and I must say, that every time I see Timmy’s Bond, he confirms that he was a brilliant choice for Bond, and I will rate him over Pierce any day.
    Many have speculated how Brosnan would have faired in The Living Daylights, and while that is a fair question, considering the history surrounding Timmy’s selection, I think it’s an even more interesting question, how Timmy would have faired against Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp and Alec Trevelyan. I have always felt that there was some relation between Trevelyan and the Smiert Spionam campaign. The thought of an insider among the Double-Os just felt very natural and exciting, but since Pierce had taken over, this connnection back to TLD just didn’t make sense anymore. I think it could have been great, and it would even have worked with Jack Wade taking over for Felix Leiter, considering Leiter’s fate in LTK (The choice of Joe Don Baker for Wade being completely wrong, of course).

    I honestly feel that while Timmy perhaps weren’t the first choice for Bond, he definitely earned it, and should have had a longer tenure.