The Living Daylights Review (Part 2) | Podcast #122

It’s time to talk about the second half of The Living Daylights. Last time we left Bond brooding over the killing of Saunders. This week we kick off with 007 landing in Tangiers on his way to a nasty meeting with General Pushkin.

We’re talking Russian airbases, fights on planes, desert battles, diplomatic bags and a whole lot more on this week’s JBR. Let’s get deep on Daylights and see what we make of the climax to Timmy’s 00-debut.

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Tom & Chris

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  • Eoghan Lyng

    Nice discussion about the film many fans consider their favourite.

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers Eoghan!

  • Bob Masters

    Always feel like Dalton’s portrayals are closest to Fleming’s characterizations from the books. Love the Podcast guys, great work always! But I am Missing Roger Moore! ) :
    Have been re-watching many of his Bond films, I grew up with him as Bond in the 80’s.But a very cool thing popped up I caught in L&LD. The car chase scene in the first part in NYC ends up in front of the building where I work here in NYC in the Wall Street area. I guess they filmed it during the Winter but basically the intersection looks the same as it did then, was so weird to be watching it and realize Sir Roger himself stood right on my block, probably freezing between takes as we are right on the River. Its the scene where after the car careens through that exit a crowd gathers as he talks to Felix on the cop car phone, fun stuff. Cheers Guys!

    • James Bond Radio

      Thanks Bob. That’s amazing that you work in the same place and that it still looks same. Just keep a look out for any white pimpmobiles! 😉

  • Baldwin Collins

    Great Podcast Tom & Chris, Love ”the Living Daylights” just Like everybody else
    Miss Sir Roger Moore. i’ve Been watching all 7 Bond films in Memory of the Legend
    However, Keep his Memory alive on you’re Show he would’ve love that. Sir Roger Moore R.I.P.

    • James Bond Radio

      Thanks Baldwin, we’ll me sure to keep the Sir Rog love going! RIP indeed!

  • rahatul alam

    i saw the actor who plays jack wade in the mission impossible tv show, even though i check his filmography and there is nothing. Joe Don Baker as Frank Kearney a hit man for a narcotics ring in the Mission Impossible tv show. He appears s 6 e 6 of mission impossible tv show called the miracle i hear of connected universe and this show also has another bond actor who plays mr kid. He also plays brad whitaker in this movie the main villain.

  • GerardoValero

    Here is a little bit of triviia you may not know. When TLD came out, I remmember reading in People Magazine that the original ending called for a Prince Charles look-alike to make an appearance (sort of what they did with Margaret Thatcher in FYEO) but at some point the producers learned that the guy had been acused of child abuse and thus immeadiately dropped, and a different conclusion filmed
    Also, here are some location pictures I took in Vienna some years ago:

    BTW, the listener quote “Perfect” is uttered by Timmy D. to Maryam D’Abo in relation to her Shaken not stirred abilities (so to speak) in TLD.

    • Gerardo, amazing photos. I can’t believe they put a ruddy great tree in front of the conservatoire! If you watch the film, the same tree is there but it’s tiny. It’s a shame as that building is beautiful and obviously, now, quite infamous among Bond fans.

  • rahatul alam

    Please check the summary of this fan fiction of the Hitchcock movie notorious with majesty secret service this summary will be in the youtube comment of this video. I cant wait for part two of TLD, I actually got the comic books, that have the comic strips of bond before the movie even was made, these are good depiction of the original bond book adaptation and they are so good. I suggest everybody check it out. I read the other ones that i am still putting out there, its the spectre edition, all stories revolving around the criminal organization spectre that inspired many other film and actual organziation that are criminals. so I will put two pages of comics everytime JBR does a video which is every friday, so thats when i will put it up alongside my fan fiction summary. to be honest i left the you only live twice and Majesty sercret service strips for the season of christmas its only right. RIP Chris Cornell his songs will live forever i heard everyday after his passing. His man in the mirror cover. Donald Trump is the evil person as well as criminal organization IsIs. That hotel scene with you should have bring lilies, was so rad. I love that scene. Yeah pushkin could be rhys in the indiana jones franchise to bond like a friend of his. The magic carpet i think would have been racist, in some way i dont know why, but it seems that way, they couldve done that in spectre too. The chase i really liked, Felix Leiter an actor I think can play him in terms of the adaptation of the books, he is from texas and this actor passed away recently, it has to be Bill Paxton who is a native texas Jeffrey Wright was great for the role but Bill Paxton I would be okay with too. In a podcast with Marc Maron Bill paxton said his dad was a hugh Ian Fleming fan, saw the first bond film ever Dr. No and really liked it with Bill Paxton as a kid. He was also actually in the audience in JFK invitation to texas, which was crazy i have been seeing his films, he was such part of my life as well as Roger, so to pay respects to these two I would have to. Im watching Bullseye and The Colony ( Bill paxton movie). Kara is a underated bond girl for sure, but doesnt have the face of a bond girl i guess. But that doesnt matter she is good alongside timmy boy. Yeah i see cristoph waltz in that too also in octopussy villian who died in the train tracks, I can see him for sure. mohjin group is like todays terroism i guess people dont know, so u cant blame them of what happened i mean in prior movies people hated russians. So it does make sense, that they also had bond films where they are friends with russians, but it does give a sense of real life and i agree that all movies are going that way and MI franchise is doing it better at this point. Bond and Kara is similar to vesper and bond relationship its the same type of vibe. Bond has a quicky like that!. That story was funny about sherik, I head he loves a digger, Bond replied she must have been gold. Climax battle i really loved i didnt hate it, all action sequence are different. I like its a base in some way, it was their base for army way, i loved it. Bond frustration was very cool. Kind of like daniel in the beginning of CR where he tells the agent to not put his hand in his ear. Spectre is another one where he pulls the plane up. Fast and the furious also stole that fight inside that cargo helicopter. So yeah that was pretty cool. Yeah i love that scene where they fight on the cargo net thingy mc gig. I remember in one of the extras of this movie, the actor who doubles for timmy bumped his head on the plane head, when he was on cargo and it was going ape shot. The bridge was so cool because it reminds you of bond commander back in the war a glimps of that in his commanding days. I like the statues so much like a bond villian base. That is exactly what i thought but maybe it was that bond was panicked and didnt think about it under panick to shot whitiker in the leg or something. No i like the villian talking smack, i love that i would it change that. Diplomatic bag would be to kill him and send him is to dark. yeah that can be an incident like the israli double agent, that makes sense. The whistle of death a new bond book title right?

  • rahatul alam

    pierce brosnan had taffin and fourth protocol during the year living daylights came out so yeah he was in his prime doing lower budget movies, and both were good movies. I actually read the book fourth protocol it was okay the movie didnt lie up to it, hopefully they do it justice. But it is kind of like the show The Americans which i am watching right now it is really good. Like the theme is who you can trust? This is a picture of Pierce Brosnan casting for the living daylights. 1987 was the year of his movies that made him a star. Just starting to become an actor. Youef vesper boyfriend should have been philip masters from the book and the girl next should have been rhoda lewelyn. That would put some easter eggs from the books. what prize do i win? Chris: I will give you a special? Tom curiously says: special? Tom: handshake? Funny stuff love it i thought it was going to be an oddjob lol. Can you guys please Unban me from your facebook page i swear i wont put large messages. Please I wont do it anymore promise. I miss the facebook page alot. Not that i like the website i do. Wai Lin Vs Miranda Frost, it would have to be wai lin, frost has no weapons only fighting skill. I recently saw two bond thespians play in a shakespeare show called hollow crown playing richard the second respectively, ben whishaw plays richard the second and Bill tanner actor in the new bond films play another shakespearean actor that was a pivotal character in the film. That was really good. Also reading spy novella and grahic novel plus bond comic strips before the films. I am reading agent x which they made the movie Condor Man, and Wanted graphic novel which is the movie with angelina jolie which was a cool movie.

  • damien ristori

    Sorry Chris & Tom you’ve got me on my hobby horse again.I would kill to have an in depth talk about my feelings towards TLD and what I might have done differently.The original workprint I would also love to see and hoping we at James Bond Radio could persuade a release or even a few clips of unseen footage to be viewed. Any chance guys?Anyway onto a few possible changes I’d liked to have seen.More screen time for Whitaker was a definite missed opportunity so what I’d have done as follows1 A scene during the Afghan dealing scene with perhaps Whitaker making a surprise visit leading to him giving a simple display of how the arms work etc with the added killing of a couple of unfortunate soldiers. Bond would be watching undercover to actually witness Whitaker & Koskov’s operation in hand.2 Have Kara actually be kidnapped by Whitaker or his guards i’e Sgt Stagg and brought back to Tangier. – Scene could easily have had Kamrin Shah do all the work Kara did before and after plane battle with Necros.Scenes like this were originally written for first draft as read in The Making Of The Living Daylights book but my suggestions are as said just a different take on how a few scenes needed tweeked a little.Still not complaining TLD 30 years later still is as fresh as it was then. But a workprint copy could be surely added even as a dvd bonus? John Glen & Michael G Wilson hope your reading this. Hint Hint!

  • Simon Firth

    Great podcast chaps.
    One point though, if there wasn’t any flat land on which to land the Hercules, how come they then find themselves near a road to the Karachian restaurant?? Just, land the plane on the road – and taxi to the restaurant… (Perhaps)

    • I’m going with bus lane. You just get a fine, it’s not worth it. 😊