The Loving Delights: An Alternative Commentary To The Living Daylights

Dan Gale returns to James Bond Radio this week with an alternative commentary to The Living Daylights. Play along with the movie itself or listen as a standalone podcast, it works both ways.

If you’re not familiar with Dan’s previous work be sure to check his JBR documentary podcasts, TAPE SECRET!: The Audiobooks of James Bond and You Only Live Splice: The Editing of John Glen.

Listen Below…


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  • Dennis James Hardin

    Enjoying this one immensely. This makes a great commentary for the film. Great stuff!

  • Don Zuiderman

    Wonderful podcast and excellent commentary to one of my favourite Bond films!

    “Hmmm, the barracks are back there…”

    Please Dan, I think all Bond films should benefit from your commentary!

  • Simon Firth

    Another superbly wry take on things sir.
    I look forward to more of this good work.
    Thank you.

  • Thomas Colina

    Very Informative And Also Very Enjoyable!

  • That’s all good to hear. Thank you!

  • Gareth Stuffins

    By heck that twer grand Dan…..

    • Chuff me, fish and chips.*

      *Thank you

  • rahatul alam

    i will listen to this on the ride, but i would like to tell you guys i have a fan made james bond summary that i did wear i crash two films and make it bondian the summary is in the youtube comment section of the next video which is the interview of Helfenstein #123.