Madeline Smith Interview | Podcast #100

It’s our 100th episode!!!

This week we have a killer episode for you with our special celebrity guest, Madeline Smith (aka Live & Let Die’s “Miss Caruso). We talk Bond and Live & Let Die. We get the skinny on what it’s like to be in bed with Sir Roger Moore and whole lot more.
Aside from the world of 007, we hear what it was like growing up and getting ‘noticed’ in the 60s. We discuss Maddy’s other TV and film credits including The Two Ronnies, The Vampire Lovers and The Persuaders.

We also bid farewell to legendary members of the James Bond family Guy Hamilton and Peter Jansen-Smith. We talk this years Bondstars event at Pinewood and the first official JBR family offshoot based in Los Angeles.

[Interview begins at: 53:38]

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  • Pete Lindenberg

    In regards to your discussion about the time lapse between films, what do you guys think of having the Bond franchise take a similar format to what the Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit movies did, whereby they film for three or four movies at a time (since they seem to be going for the continuing story line anyway)? This way we would get a movie every year (with the same Bond actor) for a span of three or four years and at the same time, James Bond would not age one bit throughout that span. Obviously the downside to this would then be the long span of time without a film in between Bond actors (probably like six or seven years).

  • GerardoValero

    Tomorrow never dies was the first DVD I ever bought!

  • stbell75

    Well Maddy was an utter delight! Congrats on your 100th episode chaps.

  • Baldwin Collins

    I Agree with Tom. 4 to 5 Bond films are the Limit, Gone are the Days of Sean Connery and Roger Moore Pushing out a Movie every 2 years. The Quality of Screenplay and acting is Paramount. Congratulation Guys on reaching 100th Podcast Episode.

  • GerardoValero

    Great interview and certainly a wothy subject for your 100 episode. I’m under the impression that if these days somebody cast an English girl as a heavy accent Italian agent, people would have complained it wasn’t politically correct (obviously she was just fine in the role).
    BTW, “Keep the temperature below 80°” is from the opening in DAF where one of the Blofelds is going thorugh plastic surgery.

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    Lovely stuff, lads. I hope Maddy wouldn’t be offended to be called ‘top 1970s crumpet’ with the great distinction of the first Bond girl to be Rogered. She’s very funny in The Two Ronnies serial, Hampton Wick, and for the more lascivious males, in one of those episodes there’s some very nice wardrobe malfunctioning causing some full-on nippleage.

    Interview prompted me to give Live & Let Die this year’s annual viewing, reminding me that it’s such a great debut for Roger and of course a great tribute to the recently departed, Guy Hamilton. Probably my favourite out-and-out comedy scene of the series is Felix’s ‘phone call to the flying instructor (“Yes, Mr. Bleaker. I know you can’t just glue the wings back on…”).:Bless Guy Hamilton and Tom Mankiewicz.

  • olufsphere

    Once again, I marvel at your way to conduct these interviews. Starting with the quickfire questions (which often are not so quick) is a genious way to open the interview and build relation and share interest, and it takes all of 2 minutes for you lads to show how genuinely you are interested in their answers, and from there every interview just rolls. It is magnificent work, and it fits perfectly with the general tone of James Bond Radio, which is basically just fans enjoying a chat about all things Bond.

    Congratulations on 100 episodes. I have enjoyed the 96 of them (the last 4 I haven’t heard yet … I’m saving them for just after watching specific movies) 🙂

    Here’s to another 100!

  • buscando

    It would be so great if you could interview Purvis & Wade for the show & talk about their scripts & what was changed by other people! You’ve got to rope them in at the Bondstars Event 🙂

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