On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Soundtrack Review | The Music of Bond Podcast #010

The Music of Bond is back with a look what many consider to be John Barry’s finest work: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

We talk about the history of the score, the key decision to go with an instrumental instead of a vocal led main theme, and go deep on Louis Armstrong’s, We Have All The Time In The World. 

As usual we go track by track through the original soundtrack release and look at some intriguing covers too.

Note: The Music of Bond series is audio only and will not be available on Youtube.

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  • GerardoValero

    I first caught OHMSS on TV in 1982 and dismissed it immeadiately. I just couldn’t deal with this strange actor in the role of James Bond. The movie wasn’t shown again until 3-4 years later but this time I taped it on video. I remmember the next day at school I couldn’t get the main theme out of my head. Eventually I grew to like OHMSS and litle by little, throughout the years I grew to love it. These days I see OHMSS as an above average Bond entry but the soundtrack is my all-time Bond very favorite, by a longshot.
    There’s a section in the QUANTUM OF SOLACE pre-title sequence where Daniel Craig arrives in Sienna and as he enters the MI6 building there, his DBS goes through a tunnel. Am I right in guessing that section of the David Arnold soundrack was directly inspired by Barry’s rendering of the Bond theme in OHMSS?

  • David Williams

    Well was decorating the Christmas tree, it was actually snowing outside and the trusty DVD of OHMS on TV in the background, a super rare and blissful convergence! Great music of bond episode on top too.
    Much thanks to the guys for the superbly entertaining JBR, please keep it up through 2018 and onto Bond 25 in 2019!