The Making Of The Living Daylights With Charles Helfenstein | Podcast #123

This week we go behind the scenes of The Living Daylights with Charles Helfenstein. As the author of ‘The Making of The Living Daylights,’ Charles has a deep insight into the film. Like his previous JBR appearance for The Making of OHMSS, he again busts some prominent myths, this time for Timothy’s Bond debut. He reveals just who the first choice was to play Bond, Timothy or Pierce? We discover some of the early plot ideas featuring Bond as a 20 year old rookie. And some fascinating scenes cut from the final movie. Get ready for a killer interview as we go even deeper on The Living Daylights

Interview begins at 46:20.

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  • James Murphy

    LOVING this! hard to believe the first bit of the Tim story (met him myself when I was 8 and he was lovely though to be fair i was precocious and knew his work inside out and watched him in a theatre production first!); and no to Edgar Wright as Director (amazing editing style but not suited to Bond; Baby Driver overrated). Keep up the warmth, fun and amazing work. Great Friday start lads. ‘Lovely Stuff’! 🙂

    • James Bond Radio

      Cheers James! Glad you enjoyed it. That poor kid must have caught him at a bad time! Haha! 😉

  • Eoghan Lyng

    Waited three years for this podcast 🙂

  • GerardoValero

    The “Lovely view” quote was a real head-breaker. It is from the scene where Timmy D. takes a look outside Sanchez’ office (not precisely a lovely view to begin with) in LTK.
    And of course, the new Guss the Music comes from the scene where the nuclear device’s clock is winding down at Fort Knox, at the end of “Goldfinger”.

  • rahatul alam

    Alot of stuff happen today in the realm of Bond, that was a funny timmy moment in the beginning i love that movie, i have to check out the podcast i rented that movie from the library and watched the behind the scenes and everything such a good movie, anyways i am watching the greatest sitcom, Threes Company, based on the british sitcom man about house, but in the american size show, they have felix wife the actress who plays it in the LTK movie, and that was so crazy, i am such a bug fan of her and i didnt know about that, so crazy. i am currently watching Ivanhoe of Roger Moore, and hes so good, M is also in the show and a few episodes of the saint, not bernard lee the other one, The saint is one of my favorites right there with Remington Steele I actually have a few bond coincidences in movies i watched in the theather such as the new spiderman homecoming, wonderwoman, i am currently reading steven king short stories Night Shift and i finished the short story lawnmower man, and offcourse i got to watch the movie, and it is really crazy pierce . Brosnan so good in the film, i miss Brosnan in movies, but that movie was ahead in the time, and made fun of it in rick and morty, steve trevor in the new wonder woman movie, is kind of like bond such as gaining information from girls, escaping by plane like tommorow never dies as bond does, and works in the british secret service i wrote it in the trivia of wonderwoman in imbd so you can read what i wrote about bond. Spiderman has a bond reference such as the secret lair in the gas station and one easter egg which is mj reading a book about somerset maugham which inspired ian fleming short story quantum of solace the movie missed a chance of putting the story there, like at the end they could have done it. Blake Lively was so good in age of adeline, that she looked like a bond girl that director who did that film should direct a bond movie, or the wonder woman director should do that. I watch colliders schmoedown on youtube its a movie trivia game show and one of the questions was what character is named major boothroyd and i didnt know, i was devestated when they said the answer was Q. Man felt im barrased. I watched a french film in class called Soft Skin which is a romance between a man and an air hostess and it kind of reminded me of the short story quantum of solace which is cool. has anyone seen Rihanna in Valerian, from that stripping scene i can see her being a bond girl seducing bond in a bar or something, Please let that happen, i really missed you guys if you can put me back in the facebook community i really missed it and i wont do long messages anymore i promise, i reading the bond comics of the 60s based off the books of ian fleming and they are so good, so every video i will show two photos, and everything. i took a film class studied casino royale it was awesome read the book and watched the movie how cool is that. I think roger would have pulled off the gorilla so good, i mean we saw that in octopussy you know him wear the costume. The interview was great.

  • rahatul alam

    its crazy i actually have poker chips and cards in a briefcase, and the casino royale novel right next to it, with the spinning game that are in casinos, which is pretty cool to have, i would have to play it one day for sure. anyways the interview was really great but there was alot of ums, which is okay, but really good stuff, i know my other summary of the show is long, but i havent seen JBR in so long only in audio form in the drive, Chris did a little craig western voice from logan lucky, in the segment whats the next line, that was spot on.