MI6 Mailbag #1 | Podcast #44

We’re back with the very first MI6 Mailbag episode! This time we’re dedicating a full episode to listener questions, featuring thoughts on a Bond TV series, Idris Elba as Mr. Big, George Lazenby’s Diamonds Are Forever and a whole lot more.

Alongside that, we run the usual gauntlet of Bond Trivia, Guess The Quote, Bond Celebrity Deathmatch (including last week’s results of Galore vs Klebb), Guess The Music Q and much more!

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  • Jeff Silence

    Thanks for the suggestions and I’ll let you guys know which film we end up going with.

    I agree with Tom about the DB5 in Skyfall. The reference doesn’t make much sense if the Craig series is supposed to be an alternative timeline from the other films. Maybe if they had an extra scene or line from Q about how they had “a few optional extras installed” in Bond’s car, then the DB5 stuff would make more sense rather than the “yeah, it’s the Goldfinger car” explanation that we got in the film.

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    The question about little Jaws’ reminded me that in Christopher Wood ‘s The Spy Who Loved Me novelization, when Anya is captured Stromberg wanted Jaws to get it on with her to produce a progeny of great beauty and intelligence allied to super-human strength!

    Agree completely that a 50s-set BBC adaptation of some of the Fleming stories would be amazing. Now that the boat has sailed on him being considered as Bond for the film series, I think that Clive Owen would be great for that, given that a faithful adaptation would need that slight world-weariness to the character. Lee Tamahori to direct…..only joking on that last point!

    • Interesting! I never got around to reading that book actually. Maybe one for a future episode.

  • You guys! I am still laughing stupidly at Chris pulling out the Tee-hee card from his Celebrity Deathpack. I’ve nicked the soundbite that Tom put on the end of the podcast and will probably have it as my ringtone. Go on! Play it again in your next programme.
    Great work and hoping I can get onto one of your mooted 007 roundtables! All the best – Sam.