MI6 Mailbag #2: Listener Questions | Podcast #052

It’s time to open the MI6 Mailbag at James Bond Radio. This week we’re answering listener questions including thoughts on The Living Daylights starring Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton in Casino Royale and what Quentin Tarantino’s take on Casino might have been like.

Not only that we give an exclusive play to what could possibly be the greatest undiscovered Bond song ever written!

Enjoy 🙂

Chris & Tom

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  • Scott Cranidge

    It was Rogers Film and they changed it for Dalton. Wait til you revue TLD you Lads will change your mind. Watch the big reveal of Dalton, no way Brosnan looks that cool.

  • Scott Cranidge

    In the original TLD script Roger’s Bond and General Pushkin at their meeting at the hotel the 2 sit down and discuss whether Pushkin lives or dies. They changed it to the classic film we have now. At the amusement park where Kara ask Bond did you hear from Georgi? And Dalton’s Bond says out loud with a venom no Moore or Brosnan could muster…”Yes, I got the message.” Viva Dalton!

  • Scott Cranidge

    Bond’s first 2 kills must be assassinations, so the opening I would say are his first 2 kills.

  • Scott Cranidge

    After Roger gave up the role Sam Neill was the favorite of Dana Broccoli, Micky G., John Glen & Babs, Cubby vetoed this because he wanted Dalton as Bond. Dalton turned it down cause he was signed for Brenda Starr and the shooting was in conflict with TLD. Then the Brosnan fiasco occurred which pushed the shooting date ahead. Cubby would not stand for his new Bond popping up on American t.v. so Brosnan was gone. By then Brenda Starr was winding down and Cubs asked Timothy Dalton once again at Dana’s urging and he finally said yes. Dalton left the Brenda Starr set and flew directly to TLD set.

  • Scott Cranidge

    Craig is Bab’s Bond and she will keep him for 2 more.

  • GerardoValero

    My answers:
    1) ….the Moonraker knows………his dream will come true, I know that you are only a kiss away
    2) Gunbarrel suit and tie: from Dr. No all the way to The Man with the Golden gun and then again in Quantum and Skyfall.
    Gunbarrell tux: from The Spy who loved me up until Die another day.

  • Andre Pimenta

    This is what I want to see on the beginning of Spectre:

    Definitely the gunbarrel with Danny Boy. The iris opening at Daniel’s face with de skull mask in the middle of the Day of the Dead parade. Lots of action, explosions, gun shots, the helicopter chase/fight and finishing with Bond finding the first traces about the Spectre organization. Then, only the audience see the Spectre logo. Could be a tattoo, a ring, anything. The logo takes the whole screen and fades into the title sequence with the Sam Smith’s theme.

    I know will not be like that but I think it would give me chills at the theater!

    What you think??

  • Brett Spencer

    Alternate Universe James Bond.

  • Brett Spencer

    JBR Alternate Universe.

  • GerardoValero

    1)The tune in question is from You only live twice. I believe from the Little Nellie’s introduction by her grandfather (Q).
    2) Any woman he wants, he gets….he’ll break her heart without regrets! (Thunderball).

    3) The line “I have to go now”…..no idea!

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    Favourite pre-titles for me: From Russia With Love. The original with an awesome Barry music cue and can only imagine how ground-breaking it would have been in 1963.

    As for swapping Bond actors: I think the Pierce of GoldenEye would have been great and an improvement on Roger in A View To A Kill. For the fucked-up alternative universe, i.t would of course be Roger in OHMSS (Roger’s line in the final scene could have been something like “They’ve left no Trace…”)..

    Many thanks to the answer to my main question (on Pierce’s nearly casting in the ’80ss). Good arguments, I’m persuaded that Pierce could have handled The Living Daylights. Some aspects, mainly the quips, he’d have handled better than Tim. A couple of sequences (the Koskov defection, the confrontation with Pushkin), Pierce wouldn’t have quite matched Tim. For much of the movie though the two could be interchangeable. However, without Tim’s casting and the inevitable ease-in of his first film in what then was the two-year turnaround for the films, I don’t think we’d ever have got the stray from the formula that was Licence To Kill. To quote Roger from The Man With The Golden Gun, that would be a shame.

  • Paul Coulthard

    Just some extra info about the ‘Ultimate Sticker Collection’ that you guys were discussing…

    It’s going to be a totally self-contained collection. There won’t be little packets in the newsagents like when we were kids 🙁 They’ll all be in the book when you buy it. So we’ll have the choice to stick them on the corresponding pages or onto our sexy faces.

    No swapsies needed.

  • Bryant Burnette

    My alternate-universe casting choices:

    Connery in “The Living Daylights”
    Lazenby in “Thunderball” (and then, decades later, “Never Say Never Again”)
    Moore in “Die Another Day”
    Dalton in “From Russia With Love”
    Craig in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

  • Brian4969

    Have to admit, I’ve been away from the podcast for a good few weeks whilst listening to Trigger Mortis and every other Bond audiobook I’d missed to date. Chuffed to bits to find on returning to my familiar commute podcast listen, my Spectre plot wish being discussed by the boys. Not that surprised my outlandish Connery casting was poo-poo’d to be honest lol.

    Anyway, another great episode in the bag. Keep up the great work and if possible, more podcast time devoted to Chris’ singing #priceless!