MI6 Mailbag #3 | Podcast #099

This week we’re answering listener questions, with subjects including: Our 3 most under-rated Bond films, potential future Bond girls, Bond actors swapping films, the potential darker side of Brosnan’s Bond, how to introduce your mrs to Bond…and a question about Bond girls that’s far too inappropriate to reproduce in text.

In addition, we hear all about the recent London JBR meet up to see The Spy Who Loved Me on the big screen and we reveal the winner of the Red Grant vs Necros Celebrity Deathmatch!

[Questions begins at: 44:05]

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  • GerardoValero

    In regard to the length of your podcasts,,this quote from film critic Roger Ebert may be helpful: “No good movie is long enough and no bad movie is short enough”. Just say what you feel like saying and if that amounts to 3 plus hours, so be it.
    Love your selection of “Octopussy” and “The Man with the Golden Gun” as underrated but “Quantum” and “A View to a kill” are my least favorite Bonds, Quantum’s early action scenes could have saved the movie but the editing is just maddening. AVTK has its moments but I do think Roger was way to old to play Bond and the rest of the cast are no spring chickens (the scene where they all go to the horse races feels like day out at the retirement home). In regard to “Never Say Never Again”, I don’t even consider it a real Bond movie and have only seen it a couple of times (once when it came out and another on video).
    BTW, The phrase “Put it away James” is uttered by Alec Trevelyan at the statue dumpster from “Goldeneye”.

  • Stephen Wadsworth

    Great questions in this mailbag episode.

    I’d have George in the Sean films; Daniel in Majesty’s; Roger and Pierce in each other’s films; Sean in the Dalton films; and Tim in the Daniel films ( he probably wouldn’t get away with the swimming trunks but that’s not what I watch Casino… for!).

    The 3-hour podcasts are fine by me…. Looking forward to the centenary episode.

    I think you’re right about the votes for Red Grant (that the fact he’s a great character may have blinded people). Personally,vi think Stamper was dismissed a bit too easily. He’s not a great character, fair enough but in terms of a death match, he’s the one of the blondes that does have Oddjob/Jaws levels of physical strength. Glad Grant came out on top though.

  • Langford

    Are you kidding me? You guys are amazing – I listen for two hours and then check the time, and there’s an hour of quality podcasting remaining! (as much or more than most other podcasts!)

    Keep up the great work, Tom and Chris!

    JBR community – let’s keep up our moral and financial support for these gents!

    From Station A

  • Matthew Evans

    As far as the podcasts go, the longer the better. Also for the music Q: I think that’s from Goldfinger right as the laser shuts off before splitting Bond down the middle.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • buscando

    I agree with Dr. No being underrated. The low budget kept them from doing bigger action scenes, but this allowed them to focus more on character, which Connery very much excelled at here. His introduction in the casino is so great, I’ve watched that scene dozens of times. I mean why is that scene so good? It’s just a guy playing cards with a woman. It’s great because of Connery. He plays it so confident, cool, & detached. He could care less about Sylvia, which only makes him cooler when she’s drawn to him.

    He does a lot of nice subtle things in the entire film, like when he takes Moneypenny’s hand like they’re dancing. It shows how sweet they are to each other. And when she puts her head on his shoulder, he kisses her forehead before & after the line “…M would have me court martialled for illegal use of government property.” And at the airport when he phones government house & discovers the driver that met him isn’t legit, the look he gives him says he’s ready to kill. I love noticing the little things he did in his performance.

  • buscando

    If it had to be done, I agree with Daniel being the best one who could substitute for Connery in those films. He reminds me of Steve McQueen, another action/sophisticated type from that classic era.

  • olufsphere

    Another epic podcast, lads! Time is NOT an issue!

    Looked up the Smiley flag on Somerset House, and it’s quite an event, a year-long celebration of the 500 year anniversary (five hundred – not that’s something) of Thomas Moore’s “Utopia” text, essentially the foundation of socialism.

  • Jon Allen

    Sorry guys a bit behind the drag curve but just listening to your mailbag question about which actor could take over the entries of another. You mentioned Pierce Brosnan and his harder edge Chris quoted the November man, might I suggest you watch the fourth protocol where he acted with Micheal Caine in the adaptation of the Frederick Forsyth novel. Also don’t forget he also played the IRA assassin in the long good Friday. So in my opinion he could play hard if asked and it was shonky scripts that let him down.