Never Say Never Again Review – Podcast #014

Today, we conclude our Thunderball coverage with our review of Never Say Never Again. After covering Thunderball itself and our interviews with Robert Sellers and Sylvan Mason, we round it all out with a review of the “other” Bond film.

Find out our thoughts on everything from the production value, to the dialogue, to Connery himself. We also go over other fine Bondian talking points, including the origins of 90s animated series James Bond Jr, the latest casting rumours for Bond 24 and the Bond who might have been; Stanley Baker.


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  • David Jackson

    You’ll have to accept my apologies if I missed this but, in this review there is no mention of the fact that Sean Connery is 3 years younger than Roger Moore, in real life.

    So whilst Connery is playing an older Bond in NSNA, my question is what is Roger Moore playing in Octopussy and A View to A Kill?

    I just find it strange that from OHMSS to Live and Let Die Bond ages by 13 years, yet the filmmakers present the character in largely the same way. It wasn’t until Dalton took over in 1987s TLD that the character was reinvented

  • olufsphere

    The delicious body in the well-cut bathing suit, waterskiing in NSNA belongs to Pro waterskier, Sally Winter.