Nic Raine Interview | The Music of Bond Podcast #001

This week join Chris Wright and Warren Ringham for the first of a brand new monthly series for James Bond Radio: The Music Of Bond.

For our inaugural episode we have a fabulous, not-to-be-missed interview with Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator and Conductor Nic Raine.

Nic was John Barry’s orchestrator in the later part of his career, orchestrating both A View To A Kill & The Living Daylights. As well as an insight into working with Barry, we chat to Nic about the process of writing a film score, and delve into the World of Bond music in general.

For those that don’t already know, Warren is the man behind the world’s greatest 007 tribute band, Q The Music. Be sure to grab your tickets for their show at The Harlington in Fleet on November 27th. A huge number of JBR listeners will be there along with Chris who will be hosting the online live stream. It’s close to selling out, so don’t wait or you’ll miss out!

Note: The Music of Bond series is audio only and will not be available on Youtube.

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  • Jim Paterson

    Thanks guys – that is a great, fascinating podcast! Nic Raine is a fantastic interviewee and he really knows his stuff. Well done!

  • rahatul alam

    I will listen to this on the go, and next week I will be studying casino Royale how cool is that,.

  • Fantastic podcast. I just got around to listening to this one. I’ve been listening to Raine’s brilliant recordings of Bond music for years. I learned a lot about John Barry and recording film music from this interview. Raine’s transcriptions are very impressive. I’ve transcribed a lot (Bond music and more) using the technology we have today, but it was so much different back when Raine was doing it.

    I knew that the OHMSS music was not going to be in Spectre because I knew Thomas Newman was not involved with scoring the trailer. And I knew that Thomas Newman wouldn’t want to use a theme written by John Barry, especially since he doesn’t care to use the James Bond Theme much anyway.