Norman Wanstall Interview – Podcast #015

We meet James Bond royalty on today’s episode of James Bond Radio. We interview Oscar winning sound effects editor; Norman Wanstall. Not only was he there at the birth of the cinematic Bond with his work on Dr. No, he also worked on every single Sean Connery Bond except Diamonds Are Forever and yes, that does include Never Say Never Again.

Alongside being the first ever Oscar winner for a Bond movie (he won best sound effects for Goldfinger), he also has some of the most interesting behind the scenes stories we’ve ever heard. Have you ever wondered what ingredients went into the ‘woosh’ of Oddjob’s hat?¬†Maybe you’d like to hear exactly how to create the impact of a Vulcan bomber crash landing into the ocean? You’ll be blown away by the level of creativity involved in making the sound effects on those early Bond films.

So, sit back and enjoy the latest episode of James Bond Radio. Thanks to Norman, this is one of the best installments yet!


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