Octopussy Review (Part 1) | Podcast #104

Hey hey! It’s time for us to talk about one of the most divisive Bond films in the series. While many Bond fans deride the film due to clown suits and tarzan screams, others bask in it’s high adventure.
So no matter where you land in the spectrum, be sure to put your feet up, pop your headphones in and get deep in some Octopussy action!

[Review Begins at 24:10]

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  • Stephen Wadsworth

    Good stuff, as usual. I’m going to comment on Octopussy after part two but just a few general points for now:

    1. In the excellent BBC Four programme from last year, ‘Premium Bond’, more in reference to AVTAK Mark Gatiss said that it helps to imagine that Roger’s p!aying an old man who thnks he’s’James Bond! Does help a bit with Octopussy too.

    2. I think it’s win-win for Bond 25. Either Daniel stays and we get a fluid continuation of the Blofeld storyline, or the producers will put everything into making it a strong first film for a new actor. Either way, good news for the fans.

    3. I do so agree that to let fleeting inconsequential moments that jar with your own taste negatively colour your whole opinion of a film (like a track you don’t like on an album) can only be self-defeating. Worse to feel the need to try convince others of that.

    4. Presumably most if not all JBRers will have seen Octopussy’s teaser trailer. I find it very strange myself. It features some footage cut from the film from the Bond/Magda bed scene, mentioned in this podcast, in which Roger’s obviously doing a bit of on-set clowning and seems to give Kristina Wayborn a violent-looking slobbering kiss and then says “What I do for England!”. It’s clearly Roger just being silly because he knows that only a few seconds of that shot would be needed before there was a cut-away to a different shot but why somebody thought it was footage that should be in the trailer I don’t know. Doesn’t offend me at all, I just find it very, very odd.

    5. I tried the whole “give Die Another Day another chance” thing a go ahead of SPECTRE. I’ll just say good luck, Tom!