On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Reviewed / Podcast #021

It’s Lazenby time, baby! So in our longest episode so far, which spookily matches the running time of the movie down to the minute, we explore the Bond film that has divided the opinion of Bond fans since it came out back in ’69.

We go through the film scene by scene, discuss the ‘what ifs,’ the alternate ending that never happened and more.

Also, we run through the usual gauntlet of Bond 24 news, trivia and quotes, and last but not least an intruiging idea on how you could update and reboot the literary Bond post-Boyd!

If you only ever listen to one episode of James Bond Radio, make sure it’s this one!

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  • Ray Hyland

    this is glorious! A great way to spend 2 and a half hours

  • Jon Allen

    I too share the passion for OHMSS every time I want to watch a faultless Bond film I put it on. I also rate Barry’s score over all. As for villain I think Savalas pulled it off, best Blofeld so far.

  • Nick

    No doubt not just best film of the series but also one of the best films of the 1960s! BTW the book you refer to Bond has in the car in the pre-credits sequence is a road atlas of continental Europe! Not ‘War and Peace’!

  • Joseph Kinion

    This is my Favorite Bond Film starts my Favorite bond George Lazenby. this films also has My favorite bond Girl Diana Rigg. My favorite Bond Villian Telly Savalas as Blofeld.