Peter Lamont Talks James Bond, Ken Adam, Goldfinger, Octopussy & More | Podcast #110

It’s time to welcome Oscar winner Peter Lamont to JBR this week. As someone who worked on a total of 18 Bond films from Goldfinger to Casino Royale, we could have made 100 podcasts based on Peter’s stories alone.

In today’s episode we hear what it was like to work on some of cinemas all-time classic movie sets. We hear all about his time working alongside Ken Adam, taking over the top job on For Your Eyes Only, the terrifying story of being held onboard a hijacked plane during the filming of Octopussy and a whole lot more.

We’re truly honoured to have Peter on the show this week, a truly lovely man and an undisputed all-time Bond legend.

[Interview Starts at 15:47]

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  • rahatul alam

    Halloween I wanted to wear the spectre mask you are right. Only the guy from Batman V James Bond podcast, JBR should check that podcast out and he is big supporters of James Bond Radio. JBR please check out my fast and Furious infused with James Bond movies synopsis on the Youtube comments section of this video. Peter Lamont will be awesome, to hear on the drive. I finished my course of the adaptation of Casino Royale in my English class, and the notes I took and retrospectve on the book and 2006 movie, and why they changed so many aspects of the book for the Casino Royale Film review of James Bond Radio. So I cant wait to speak about the class it was so amazing and so amazed that people can study James bond in college, I mean gold finger is one the first movie to have a boss fight that not many movies done before on the mainstream. Which is so cool and James bond character and films have so much retribution on spy genre and overall movies in general that created something new from Dr. No and Still is to SPECTRE. They have to make a SMERSH movie one day, where it takes place in the coldest of wars where villains where the KGB outfits Like Goldeneye and stuff. But I will save all the Casino Royale Studies for a future Casino Royale video, where I also made some photos of the History of Casino Royale, that not many people think about which is pretty cool. Did titanic and True lies he is really famous. Did you know the original of movie that was inspired by the remake of titanic is A night to remember in which a young sean connery makes a cameo in, which is so cool. JBR is reaching new heights. Pierce was shot at in the end of Goldeneye when Sean bean shots him. Actually the next book we are looking at is Charlie and the Choclate Factory adaptation and the author of the Book is Roald Dahl real life James Bond, since his job compelled of shagging women to gain information, and worked alongside Ian Fleming during intelligence operations, he also wrote the script of You Only Live Twice. So how cool is that. You know the only reason he did the book, was because back in the day, when he was a lad, he would know and see spies going to other factories to get the secret recipes for their own way of keeping their factories better than any one else, which is good for a synopsis of a future James bond film. Patrick Mcnee who played a helping hand in View to a kill, but his show the avengers, was a pretty cool show, I am currently watching the new avengers which he is still in, with a girl that was the aunt in The wolf of wall street and bond girl in Majesties. Really good, Diana Rigg was so hot in it, and good as well as Honor Blackman. SPECTRE i think still stands for that still. I am currently reading Casino Royale as well as a continuation novel No Deals Mr. Bond. Which I haven’t read or finished it but will and tell you guys about it. The A and 2 really contradicts Tom of what he said previously that was funny for a JBR tribute at the end of the year. Jill Masterson, Lucia Sciarra, Domino Devalle. Who win from this threesome would totally be Domino. There should be no reasoning. I want to have Christoph Waltz back for the next film, because Danny Boy does to much deterioration when talking like mumbling words and stuff. If Blofeld comes back with Waltz or Zane, then yes for Danny but no than not. Happy Veterans day Everyone, I was going to put the memorial wall from Spectre but you get the picture.

  • GerardoValero

    Terrific interview! What’s next? Conjuring the ghost of Ian Fleming for a coming podcast? Nothing will surprise me anymore.
    BTW, Sir Roger does get shot in one of his movies (or at least his wax figure clone) at the begining of TMWTGG.. If you freeze the image on that one you can easily see Rog’s real arm hidden under his suit while the fingers are (obviously) detonated.
    “I take it this is not a social call 007”: General Pushking to Timmy D at the Tangier Hotel for TLD.

  • GerardoValero
    And this is a picture of the actual window where Kara Milovy gets the rifle shot from her hands in TLD (taken several years ago).