Podcast #1 – For The Love of Bond

Welcome to episode #1 of James Bond Radio. In today’s episode we introduce ourselves and talk about what Bond means to us. What we love about Bond, what we don’t love about Bond and everything in between.

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  • Patrick Mulready

    I guess I shall be the first to post my comments here. I am a recent arrival to JBR, having found it shortly after they posted the review for OHMSS, and I’ve been perusing the catalog of previous podcasts. In this, their inaugural podcast, we meet “the lads” formally, as they introduce themselves and tell us how they came to be fans of 007. “The lads” are, of course, Tom, who has a voice that ought to set him up nicely for a career in radio, and Chris, whose knowledge of all things Bond is frankly staggering. They discuss the high and low points of each of the six actors to portray Bond, and it gives Chris the chance to tell us an absolutely fantastic little story about something he observed in the theater while watching Casino Royale. A group of teenage scallywags (Chris’ term) were sort of mocking the scene where Le Chiffre is about to torture Bond, until the torture actually starts, and it shut the kids up completely. I love that story, because it goes to show the power of Ian Fleming’s writing. That scene was taken right out of the book, and was one of two from the book I was most interested in seeing how they would translate to the big screen. Here we are some sixty years after Fleming wrote the story, and he still has the ability to mesmerize audiences in the 21st Century. JBR had an excellent launch with this podcast, and the hosts’ enthusiasm for the subject of Bond, James Bond is apparent right from the start and continuously throughout.

    • jamesbondradio

      You’re a good man, Patrick. So glad you’re enjoying the podcast!

  • Joe Verra

    Better Late than Never…

    Gentlemen I am so glad I found your podcast, and blog. Its hard to find those that can appreciate the 007 franchise as much as I do here in Arizona, USA. Being that I am a bit older that you two fellas, I have a bit of a different outlook at the older 007 films and would like to share with you my fanaticism as I go through each of your podcast. I have obviously started with this first one and as much as you may disagree, I absolutely love Diamonds are Forever. Of course it is very dated, and yes I do see the many flaws of the film, but I could never compare it to the piece of dog doo that was Never Say Never Again. Anyway the following is a brief introduction of what drew me in to the world of 007.

    I was ten years old the first time I was audience to a James Bond movie in 1971. The film was ‘Diamonds are Forever’ starring Sean Connery in the seventh film of the James Bond franchise. I had no idea what I was in for since I was taken to the movie by my father whom obviously wanted to see the latest ‘Bond’ flick. My father and I were not very close and every once in a while I had to spend time with him since he was coerced by my mother in taking me out for the evening. Pop and I were like water and oil and there seemed to be a cold invisible wall between us nevertheless the one thing that I can thank dear old ‘Dad’ for was his decision to take me to a James Bond movie so that we could ignore each other for two hours. Little did he know that the outing was perhaps the most memorable evening of my life, because that was the night that I was introduced to the world of 007.

    From the opening gun barrel sequence when the incomparable Monty Norman 007 theme music fills the theater and James Bond walks across the screen to shoot at the audience I was hooked. The movie had everything a young impressionable boy could want as I followed James Bond to exotic locations like Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Baja California while tracking down a cache of stolen diamonds. I watched 007 outwit his arch enemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his Henchmen Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd as they joyously liquidate various characters throughout the film. Between spectacular car chases and brutal fist fights Bond takes the time out to charm the clothes off of the leading lady Tiffany Case and buxom bombshell Plenty O’Toole. These were the first of what would be a bevy of iconic beauties that would grace the screen of every 007 adventure and although I was in my prepubescent years I was captivated by their beauty, brashness and boobs.

    With over the top action sequences, lifesaving gadgets and an explosive climax as James Bond saves the world from annihilation I was transformed from a young boy to a much wiser young man. I wanted to be James Bond, a super spy that was licensed to kill, blow things up and get laid to boot. But for me there was much more to this movie and the ones to follow because they ignited my imagination more so than any other movie or television show that I was watching at the time. From the publicity movie posters, incredible music score, futuristic set designs, beautiful woman, amazing vehicles and intriguing plots I became obsessed with James Bond and the world that was built around Ian Flemings character. It has been an obsession that has lasted over 45 years and although the original films are outdated (by contemporary standards) they are products of their time and the predecessors of all the espionage thrillers and action adventure films that we see today

    Respectfully JV – 007 fan