Podcast #2 – Bond 24 & Beyond

Big news!!!

James Bond Radio has been picked up by iTunes and included in the ‘New & Noteworthy’ category for the TV/Film section! So, we’ve decided to celebrate by releasing a new episode every week, for the first month, before switching to our regular schedule of twice monthly.

So, with out further delay, Episode #002 Bond 24 & Beyond is currently available exclusively on iTunes and on Youtube.

If we get enough subscribers and reviews, we might even make it to the top of the lists, so any support would be really great. The more downloads/subscribers/reviews we get, the bigger our exposure and the bigger the audience numbers!

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  • Darren Noble

    An interesting discussion, especially now I’m listening 10 months after the podcast and post title/cast reveal. And hats off for mentioning Andrew Scott, even it was almost by accident. Good work guys

  • olufsphere

    Right … I managed 8 days with no JBR podcast, and now I’m going throught the back catalogue. :o)

    Listening to Episode 2 was good fun, having now seen the movie. You got a lot of things right: Gun barrel at the beginning, Andrew Scott and more. But your Blofeld guesses were solid misses.

    “You can NOT have a white pussycat”
    “You can’t do the nehru jacket”
    “There can be no scar”.
    In retrospect, do you think the cat, the jacket and the scar took away from the movie, or were they able to pull it off, after all?