Podcast #3 – Dr. No Reviewed

Episode 3 of James Bond Radio, goes right back to where it all started on the silver screen, with our review of Dr. No.

We go through the movie scene by scene, discussing everything from Honey Ryder’s bikini, to our list of Dr. No related BondFacts, to just what is Dr. No doing when he peaks underneath Bond’s bedsheets? Today’s episode also features extracts from Chris’ outraged letter to Eon Productions, after his first viewing of Quantum of Solace.

Look out for episode 4 coming next friday!

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  • Patrick Mulready

    Great review, JBR. I agree with your points on the whole.

    There are two parts of this film that have always impressed me. The first is how Bond is portrayed as being supremely on-the-ball. He neatly deflects an attempt to get his picture at the Kingston airport. He’s smart enough to not only set up a rudimentary alarm system on his closet doors to see if they’ve been opened up in his absence and leaves a little trap for anyone wanting to get into his briefcase. And he’s smart enough to keep a spare bottle of vodka out sight. He knows the invitation he gets to Ms. Taro’s house is most likely a trap, a suspicion confirmed when a hearse tries to run him off the road. He shows up at Ms. Taro’s house, clearly surprising her, and allows her to report the attempt on his life has failed, meaning he knows there will now be a follow up attempt. So, he kills a few hours engaging in some recreational sex, and sets a little trap for Ms. Taro by pretending to call for a taxi. I love those details.

    The second thing, and a point I made in my book, “Licence: Reviewed,” is just what a commanding presence Bond is. He and Honey have been caught by Dr. No’s “dragon,” and they get taken to the mine. Upon arrival, it’s discovered that both have picked up some radiation, and have to be sent through a decontamination bath. Bond, still in handcuffs, orders the henchmen to remove them. And they oblige! With alacrity! When, in any movie since, have you seen the bad guys snap to an order given by their nemesis?